Fun fact alert! A group of unicorns is called a *blessing.* No joke! Inspired by this new knowledge, we’re bringing good tidings this Christmas with this super dreamy unicorn tree. After all, we do love everything and anything unicorns! These beauties are not the most graceful, but they sure are cute, cuddly and easy to make. So, read on to check out this unicorn horn tree topper and blessing of ornaments tutorial to add even more magic to the holiday season.

Unicorn Holiday Tree

Materials + Tools:


  1. Cut out your unicorn template.
  2. Fold your white felt in half. Trace the unicorn template and cut, so you end up with two pieces.
  1. Draw half-moon eyes on the unicorns. Use this line as a stencil to stitch in the closed eyes with three lashes.
  2. Next, make your accent pieces. Create the tail and hanging look out of your embroidery floss. Cut a two-inch piece of string and make a loop knot at the bottom, forming an O.
  3. For the tail, cut a five-inch piece of string. Fold into thirds and tie at one end. Trim excess string.
  4. Using the template, cut a unicorn horn out of the gray felt and the mane out of your accent colored felt.
  5. Lay out your pieces (horn, mane, tail and hang string). On the inside of one unicorn piece, hot glue on your pieces. Glue the other body on top and you’re done.
  6. Next, make your unicorn horn topper. Trace and cut out the felt using the unicorn horn tree topper template.
  7. Twist into a cone and cut off any excess felt.
  8. Cut a long piece of the accent embroidery floss, thread and tie at one end. Stitch through the tip and wrap around the cone. At the bottom, stitch the thread into the inside of the cone. Tie off and cut off any excess thread.
  9. At the seam, glue the string so that it stays in place.
  10. Time to deck the tree out!

Get ready to make the cutest, fluffiest unicorn ever, but first you have to cut out the template.


Fold the white felt in half, and trace your template. Fabric scissors are super sharp and make it much easier to cut out the details.


Draw matching half moons for the unicorn eyes. Make sure that they’re mirrored so they show up on the outside of your unicorn when you glue the two pieces together. Using the line as a guide, stitch the eyes on with black thread. Make three stitches at the end of the arc for eyelashes.


Next, create your details. Make a two-inch loop and knot at the end for your hanging string. Fold a five-inch piece of string into thirds and tie at one end. Trim both ends and cut off any excess string. This will be your magical little tail.


Trace and cut the mane and unicorn horn.


Now bring it all together! Sandwich your horn, mane, tail and hanging string between the two pieces of unicorn body. It’s best to glue all of the pieces to one side first and then add the final unicorn body.


Time to make the unicorn horn tree topper. Trace and cut your felt. Glue one end and roll into a cone.


Add some pizzazz with your accent embroidery floss. With a knot at one end, stitch through the top of the cone and then wrap around toward the bottom. Stitch back through the felt and tie off, so that your knot is hidden on the inside of the cone. Finally, glue the string to your felt at the back of the horn so it stays in place.


Look how cute! Now all you have to do is make MORE unicorns.


Like a whole BLESSING of ‘em.

Unicorn Christmas Tree

Now you can totally deck out that tree!

Unicorn Holiday Tree

Have you seen anything more magical?

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DIY Styling and Production: Lindsay Saito

Photography: Tory Putnam