Say hello to the majestic wonder that’ll make your whimsical wedding cake dreams come true. If you haven’t had a chance to witness this decadent, unicorn-inspired dessert, feast your eyes on it in all its glory. The wild twist on a French croquembouche has become an Insta-sensation, thanks to its creator, Chef Reshmi Bennett of London’s artisan patisserie, Anges de Sucre.

If you aren’t familiar with the French delicacy that was the basis for this three-feet-tall stunner, a croquembouche is a cake consisting of choux pastry balls, piled into a cone, and bound with threads of caramel. Sounds amazing, right? Not enough for Bennett apparently, because she took it to a whole new planet with enchanting additions, like macarons, donuts, eclairs, profiteroles, candied popcorn, buttercream flowers, Ferrero Rocher ice cream cones — oh and one magical ingredient that Bennett calls “a dash of OMGeez.” Yeah, we can’t stop drooling either.

Planning a wedding in the UK? This baby could be a big-day reality. You have two options: a version that serves 45 guests for about $1,009, and another that serves 80 guests for about $1,468. It’s a little spendy, but can you really put a price on a slice of heaven? Even if you aren’t able to add this mystical cake to your guest list, you should def tap *follow* on Bennett’s Instagram feed for all the lust-worthy desserts.

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