If you can’t get enough of the rainbow food trend, join the very large club. How could you not love something that’s guaranteed to brighten your day, no matter your mood? It all started with rainbow bagel recipes and even escalated to rainbow coffee — AKA the perfect breakfast combo. Since then, the phenomenon has infiltrated the whole food pyramid, even gracing us with a savory homemade rainbow macaroni and cheese recipe. Thankfully, most rainbow concoctions are in the form of dessert, and are incredibly easy to make. Keep reading to discover 20 technicolor desserts that will add a bit of fun and sweetness to your day.


1. Rainbow Fruit Loop Bars: You can’t go wrong with a recipe that only calls for three ingredients. Since Fruit Loops are the original rainbow food, turning them into a fun dessert is obligatory. (via Bloom Designs)


2. Rainbow Popsicles: Fruit is the most natural way to go when making an edible rainbow. These popsicles are layered with eight different fruit mixes, so make sure you give your blender a quick rinse between each one. (via The First Year)


3. Rainbow Cake in a Jar: Whether you’re celebrating a birthday for one or just feel like sharing a bit of cheer with someone, this individual rainbow cake is the best gesture. Make sure you layer in the right order to get a true rainbow effect. (via Babble)


4. Lucky Rainbow Bark: There’s no way you can look at this and not instantly feel joy. Take a trip back to your Lisa Frank days with this colorful candy bark. It’s topped with everything from frosted animal crackers to Lucky Charms, so there’s something in here for everyone. (via The Domestic Rebel)


5. Rainbow Crepes With Key Lime Whipped Cream: These pastel crepes plus a few mimosas sound like the best brunch EVER. If you have a friend that needs cheering up, that combo will definitely do the trick. (via The Proper Blog)


6. DIY Tye Dye S’mores: Take your s’mores from boring to beautiful by making homemade multicolored marshmallows. The colors are so vibrant and easily swirled, they’re almost too pretty to eat. (via Studio DIY)


7. Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake: When all else fails, funfetti is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. This cookie cake is perfect for a birthday or even a random girls’ night. Serve with a scoop of Superman ice cream for even more color. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)


8. Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich: Transform boxed funfetti cake mix into fluffy cookies that sandwich vanilla ice cream. Roll the outside in sprinkles for a full rainbow effect. (via Craft Create Cook)

macaron tower

9. Rainbow Macaron Tower: No party is complete without a tower of rainbow macarons, right? Macaron-making is a great skill to learn, and you’ll be so pleased with yourself when you finish your masterpiece. (via Annie’s Eats)


10. Rainbow Funfetti Dip: This Dunkaroos-style rainbow dip will take you straight back to the ’90s, and we’re not mad about it. Use a muffin tin to mix the colors to cut down on dishwashing. (via Twinspiration)


11. White Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Sometimes turning your food into a rainbow is as easy as throwing a few sprinkles on top. These white chocolate-covered pretzels are a simple way to add a bit of confetti into your everyday snacking routine. (via Sugar Cooking)

rainbow trail mix

12. Rainbow Chex Mix: Kids and adults alike will devour this sweet and salty snack. Use different shades of candy melts and M&M’s to create an intense kaleidoscope of colors. (via Tablespoon)


13. Rainbow Fudge: It’s not every day you find a recipe that’s so easy a child could make it. Three ingredients (if you count food coloring as an ingredient) and a microwave are all it takes to whip up this quick and simple fudge that’s fun for the whole family. (via Wine and Glue)


14. Layered Rainbow Cupcakes: It’s always good to have a recipe like this one in your stash. Rainbow cupcakes work for so many different occasions, and for people of all ages. Plus, these are made using ingredients you probably already have in the house. (via My Recipe Magic)


15. Rainbow Meringue Kisses: Rainbows don’t have to be bright neon — pastel hues need love too! These delicate meringues are a lovely addition to any occasion, and are tons of fun to whip up. (via Bakers Royale)


16. Rainbow Vanilla Cheesecake Bars: It’s pretty easy to turn any of your favorite desserts into a tie-dyed piece of art, and these cheesecake bars are a perfect example. You can use whatever colors you like — no need to stick to the traditional seven. (via Inside BruCrew Life)


17. Rainbow Marbled Pop Tart Recipe: Take one look at these Pop Tarts and you won’t have to ask yourself if making multicolored dough is worth it. The answer is yes, always. (via Aww, Sam)

sprinkle bakes sixlets -1

18. Sixlets Cake: Your next birthday party NEEDS this Sixlet-covered cake front and center. There may even be a little surprise on the inside that will impress everyone. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


19. Unicorn Bars: Buttery sugar cookie bars are almost perfect on their own, but when topped with robin’s egg blue buttercream and infused with rainbow sprinkles, they become everything you could ever want in a dessert. Trust. (Cookies and Cups)


20. Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones: What’s better than a cupcake? A colorful cupcake that’s baked in a sugar cone and topped with psychedelic unicorn frosting. Yes, please! (via Momdot)

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