Lime Crime is a beauty brand that seems to love unicorns as much as we do. The eight-year-old cult fave company has already amassed a dedicated following for its Unicorn Lipstick and glittery lip toppers. Their latest creation inspired by the founder’s multi-hued hair may be their best (and most colorful) yet.

Doe Deere, a self-professed “Unicorn Queen,” has worn her hair in cotton candy shades for a while now, and in homage, Lime Crime is launching their own line of 13 semi-permanent hair dyes: Unicorn Hair ($16).

Shades including Sext (a nude mauve tint), Gargoyle (a full-coverage stone gray), Bunny (a pastel baby pink tint), Pony (a full-coverage electric violet), Dirty Mermaid (a muted seafoam green), Chocolate Cherry (a deep burgundy red), Strawberry Jam (a muted pink red), Anime (a candy blue), Blue Smoke (a steely blue), Neon Peach (a full-coverage bright peach), Leeloo (a “traffic stopping” orange), Salad (a pastel mint green tint), and Jello (a “bottle glass” green).

The pigments were three years in the making and are made from vegan ingredients without ammonia or bleach. The tints can last up to 10 washes, while the full coverage can last up to 12 washes.

Unicorn Hair goes on sale April 3, so get ready to go technicolor!

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via Lime Crime)