Weddings are SO much fun. Open bar, anyone? But coming up with the perfect gift for each nuptial marked on your calendar is not an easy task. Especially when you鈥檝e already prepped the couple with an awesome bridal shower gift AND all the good stuff on the wedding registry is taken.

Not to worry: We鈥檝e put together a list of wedding gifts that the lovebirds are bound to adore. From home decor pieces, entertaining essentials, an awesome getaway bag, and more! Trust us, the bride will love opening up these unique, thoughtful and must-have items as she enjoys the next big chapter of her life. On the registry or not.


1. Custom Address Stamp ($44): Make it super easy for the couple to send their thank-you cards. This stamp is tailor made with a dozen hand-drawn style options to choose from.


2. Indigo Denim Print Duffle Bag ($85): It鈥檚 the perfect gift for the lovebirds鈥 weekend getaways.


3. Modular Wine Wall System ($130): Modern decor-loving newlyweds will definitely put this to good use, whether they鈥檝e asked for it or not.


4. Put a Ring on It Towel ($24): Buy them a set of adorable wedding-themed towels. Pair with the What鈥檚 Cookin鈥 Towel Set ($24) or the Eggs to My Bacon Set ($24).


5. Custom Round Cutting Board ($40): Order a custom cheese board for a personalized gift to the charcuterie-lovin鈥 newlyweds.


6. Luxe Picnic Basket Set ($218): Oh, it鈥檚 luxe alright. Get a couple of gal pals to go in with you on this gift that the newlyweds will absolutely love.


7. Herringbone Dinner Napkin ($28): A set of these beryl-colored linens would look SO good at the couple鈥檚 first post-wedding dinner party.


8. CA Where the Heart Is Print ($50): Whether it鈥檚 their current state or the state where they first met, this print is a thoughtful gift for the newlyweds to hang in their home. Not from Cali? We鈥檝e got FL, PA, TX and NY as well.


9. Moscow Mule Set ($68): Give them the gift of their favorite drink in an uber-classy vessel with this set they never knew they needed.


10. Mr. and Mrs. Wood Signs ($80): DIY these to match the couple鈥檚 home, or leave them as-is for a lovely natural wall hanging.

Which of these would you love to receive as a wedding gift? Let us know in the comments below!