Wedding season means our weekends are full with bachelorette parties, bridal showers and nuptials. And with events still popping up on our calendars, it鈥檚 time to make finding the perfect gift a little easier. Especially when all the good stuff on the bride-to-be鈥檚 registry is taken.

That鈥檚 why we decided to pull together a list of gift ideas for your next bridal shower. We鈥檝e got home decor, entertaining essentials, a bridal care package and more. Trust us, we know the bride-to-be will love these gifts.


1. Custom Round Cutting Board ($40): Order a custom cheese board for a personalized gift to the charcuterie-lovin鈥 newlyweds.


2. King + Queen Art Prints ($35): It鈥檚 playful newlywed wall art. Because if he鈥檚 the king, then baby, she鈥檚 his queen. Or so said Taylor Swift.


3. Citrus Floral Recipe Box + Cards ($34): So the happy couple can start creating (and keeping track of) their favorite recipes.


4. Rent the Runway Cocktail Party Kit ($32): A starter cocktail kit that鈥檚 perfect for two. It includes glasses, cocktail mixing supplies, coasters and a mixology guide.


5. Custom Address Stamp ($44): Here鈥檚 an easy way for the bride to spruce up her thank-you cards. It鈥檚 tailor made, with a dozen hand-drawn style options to choose from.


6. Etched Champagne Flutes Kit ($40): Handcraft a set of etched champagne flutes for the happy couple to toast in style.


7. Rejuvenation Gift Set ($42): Help the bride-to-be melt her wedding day stress away with a care package. Make sure to include this calming rose water聽candle.


8. Put a Ring on It Towel ($24): Buy her a set of adorable wedding-themed towels. Pair with the What鈥檚 Cookin鈥 Towel Set ($24) or the Eggs to My Bacon Set ($24).


9. Custom Initial Bracelet ($30): Customize a heartfelt gift with this dainty gold bracelet adorned with the couple鈥檚 initials.


10. U.S. Cities Print ($60) Whether it鈥檚 their current city or where they first met, this print is a thoughtful gift for the newlyweds to hang in their home.

Which of these would you love to receive as a bridal shower gift? Let us know in the comments below!