Another year, another Valentine’s Day, another box of chocolates, another bouquet of red roses, another reservation at a crowded restaurant, another… actually, scratch that. We’ve doctored up a way better V-Day game plan for you with our pals at HP. Together we have come up with the perfect gift for your S.O., AKA your treasured travel buddy. Skip the clichés and give the gift that keeps on giving: a night in reliving your favorite adventures you’ve been on together. All you’ll need is your HP Sprocket, the most perfectly portable pocket printer with seamless bluetooth connectivity, and a world map (we went with cork, *tres chic*). With the help of your HP Sprocket, you two can spend a relaxing evening perusing, choosing, and printing your number-one photos. Then you’ll remember the journey as you pin all the places you two have been on a world map.

So grab a bottle of wine and get ready to release your photos from the digital prison. Tonight you’ll create a special place in your home to display your favorite travel memories. Cozy up with your boo and go through your photos together. Doing this will bring up SO many amazing memories.

Using the handy HP Sprocket app, you can instantly print pictures from your phone – camera roll or social media accounts and play around with all its features! There are so many options to add flair to your pics, like borders, filters, and fun stickers. Print the pics out and find their place on the map. (This turned out to be a great geography pop quiz for us). Who’s better at directions, you or your boo? This activity will surely tell! Here’s a HUGE bonus: Your pictures print on sticker paper, so you can stick them directly to the wall! We used push pins and string to attach the pictures to the places we’ve been on the map.


Living in a digital world, it’s so nice to actually see your photos physically printed out and gathered together.

A super fun aspect of this experience is thinking about all the places you still haven’t traveled to yet and making plans for the future!

Remember to take snack breaks, as they are essential.

Confession: Our map didn’t come with Hawaii and we felt it was important to equally rep. SO in true B+C fashion, we DIY’ed our own.

And just like that, all your memories are on display to remind you every day!

We highly recommend you take advantage of Sprocket’s AR features. YES, you heard us right, augmented reality! While printing your favorite memories, scan the photos with the Sprocket app and it will bring to life that moment: other pics you snapped that day, videos and more! This feature helps you relive a moment in time. Technology, amirite?

We hope you have fun getting creative this Valentine’s Day! Show us the ways you use your HP Sprocket by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtags #iamcreative and #reinventmemories.

Styling + DIY Production: Cassidy Miller

Photography: Brittany Griffin