Looking for a sweet gift to give to your favorite gals and guys this Valentine’s Day? Tell ‘em how you feel with these adorable DIY bud vases, a lick of spray paint and a personalized message just for them!


We merged materials from our Gold Dipped Vases Kit and Paint Pen Vases Kit to make a sweet set that can be displayed together or sprinkled around your social circle. Gift to your friends or use them as a romantic centerpiece for you and your boo that’s both dinner- and brunch-approved.


– bud vases

– painter’s tape

– spray paint

– paint pens


Seriously, thats all it takes! Lets do this.


Tape off half of each bud vase, using your thumbs to smooth down the edges and create a nice curve. To give these a diagonal dip of color and leave the rest white, make sure to wrap up the whole top half.


Check you guys out, all mummified!


Shake up a can of spray paint and give your buds a nice even layer. Make sure to spray outside on a large sheet of paper or cardboard, and hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from your vase.


We added a pink and red color option here as well. Give each vase a second coat of spray paint, and let dry for an hour or so.


Once dry, peel away the tape and check out those clean lines.


So fresh and so clean!


Now its time to add your own personal message. We suggest testing out a few phrases on paper before diving in.


Using your spray painted edges as a guide, write in your custom phrases on top. Wrap a cute little cursive note around your vases, or go in strong with an all-caps exclamation for your boos and baes.


Pop a few small buds into each vase and gift away! This set goes out to all our pun-loving friends.


This second set is for the stylish loves in our lives that will never go stale.


And the third – a classic phrase that is so simple but means so much. For the one who really does make you better and who you couldn’t live without :)


What other DIYs are you whipping up for your gals and guys this Valentines? Tell us in the comments below.