The problem: Your kids/um, you don’t want to finish your vegetables. Instead, you all want to fast forward to the cold, delicious ice cream dessert course like you’re scrubbing through boring commercials in your dream version of Hulu+. Before now, there was no solution besides EAT THE PEAS ON YO’ PLATE but with Häagen-Dazs’ latest flavor combos, veggies are dessert. And dessert is vegetable-flavored. We have the weirdest brain freeze right now.

Häagen-Dazs is about to unveil new “Spoon Vege” (get it, like greens you can eat with a spoon!) ice cream flavors in Japan. In Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange, the new veggie-spiked scoops don’t just sound good for you, they’re supposed to be better for you too, containing about half the normal amount of milk fat in each pint.

The new flavors are available for scooping on May 12 in Japan, with no mention yet if we’ll get our cones on Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange + sprinkles anytime soon in the States. Looks like you’ll have to mix up your own versions at home!

Even though veggie-spiked sundaes may sound weird, Spoon Vege isn’t this food group’s first foray into your end-of-meal pleaser. You might have dipped your spoon into sweet corn ice cream before — and if you haven’t, you better save some of your best ears this summer to try out the deliciousness for yourself. Now just add a scoop of olive oil, avocado and parmesan ice cream and, boom! Dinner is served.

Would YOU try vegetable-flavored ice cream? What veggies would you pack into your next pint?