If you love ice cream from your head down to your toes, we have everything ice-cream-themed that you could possibly want. From containers to keep your pints cold and a lock to keep your favorite flavor safe to ice cream themed clothing—dresses, sweatshirts, socks, hats, and even swimsuits, you’ll find all kinds of ways to show your love of the creamy sweet treat. And if this still doesn’t satisfy your ice cream cravings, just look at all these ice cream ideas and recipes.

Porcelain Ice Cream Pint Holder

1. Porcelain Ice Cream Pint Holder ($48): Keep your ice cream cool (and hide the cardboard container) with this porcelain pint holder. It has a convenient spoon holder built right in, too!

Bklyn Larder Gelato Poster

2. Bklyn Larder Gelato Poster ($20): For the true ice cream fanatic who wants to decorate her home with a few tasty scoops, this bright poster is just the ticket. (We’ll let you guess which Brit + Co staffer has this hanging in her apartment!)

Ice Cream Cone Pinatas

3. Ice Cream Cone Pinatas: If you’re hosting an ice cream social, this is clearly the way you need to decorate. Whether you fill them with candy or not, these pinatas will be a hit. (via Oh Happy Day)

Warpaint Ice Cream Tee

4. Warpaint Lasting Culture Ice Cream Tee ($25): It’s okay to let this ice cream cone melt all over your tee. Just don’t let your actual ice cream cone drip on it.

Metal Ice Cream Scoops

5. Metal Ice Cream Scoop ($18): The colors of these metal scoops remind us of something you’d see in an old fashioned soda fountain.

Zak Ice Cream Tubbies

6. Ice Cream Tubbies Insulated Pint Containers ($15): These colorful containers made an appearance in our picnic essentials round up, and we’re still in love with them. Anything that lets you keep ice cream cold on the go is a winner in our book.

Sher-bet Dress

7. It’s a Sher-Bet Dress ($73): How cute is this colorful ice cream cone dress? It’s the perfect summer frock, especially if your plans involve a trip to the ice cream parlor.

Ice Cream Sandwich Molds

8. Tovolo Icon Ice Cream Sandwich Molds ($13): Take your ice cream sandwich making skills to the next level with these molds that act as cookie cutters and help you assemble the treats.

Ice Cream iPhone Case

9. Ice Cream iPhone Case ($35): As if you don’t spend enough time drooling over your iPhone, now you can cover it in an ice cream cone case. And because this pick is from Society6 You can get the same print on a tote bag, T-shirt, hoodie, or print for your wall.

Ice Cream Sweatshirt

10. Wildfox Terry Ice Cream Sweatshirt ($76): This terry sweatshirt (with matching shorts!) looks pretty cozy to us. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a scoop of your favorite flavor.

Ceramic Waffle Cone Dishes

11. Ceramic Waffle Cone Dish ($6 each): Just because you’re eating ice cream at home doesn’t mean you have to skip the waffle cone. These bowls feel just like your favorite waffle cone bowl, but they’re a lot less crumbly.

Four Scoop Thank You Cards

12. Four Scoops Thank You Cards (from $21): Show your gratitude with four sweet scoops on this thank you card from Tiny Prints. You can customize what you want the front to say, and share a photo on the inside, too.

Ice Cream Cone Shower Cap

13. Ice Cream Cone Shower Cap ($7): This is definitely one of the wackiest ice cream themed products we’ve seen. But if you need to keep your blowout dry in the shower, you might as well have some fun while doing it!

Ice Cream Cone Gift Tag

14. Ice Cream Cone Gift Tag: Wrap presents for summer birthdays with a little extra cheer with these ice cream gift tags. Bonus points if you add sprinkles! (via One Charming Party)

ice Cream Cone Favor Boxes

15. Ice Cream Party Favor Boxes ($4): Send guests home with a paper cone filled with a selection of toppings after your summer ice cream social.

Ceramic Ice Cream Cones

16. Ceramic Ice Cream Cone ($6 each): Another stoneware cone for those of us who don’t quite have the coordination down to not make a mess of a real cone.

Ice Cream Cone Lamp

17. Ice Cream Lamp ($44): A 2-foot glowing ice cream cone? This is what dreams are made of.

Ice Cream Party Truck

18. Ice Cream Cup and Spoons Set ($14): This is about as close as you can get to a party in a box. Everything you need to host an ice cream social is in there. Just add ice cream, and, well, friends.

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

19. Ice Cream Cone Balloons: These decorative balloons are easy to make, just add a construction paper cone to the bottom of a balloon and run the string through the tip. (via The Crafts Dept.)

Ice Cream Cone Collage

20. Ice Cream Collage by Denise Fiedler ($125): Made from vintage books and newsprint this collage is subtle, but will still make you want to scoop up a cup or a cone.

Ice Cream Sundae Swimsuit

21. The Water’s Divine Two-Piece ($129): If you’re into ice cream and retro swimwear (and really, who isn’t?), we have just the bikini for you.

Ice Cream Soda Pool Float

22. Lichtenstein Pool Float, Ice Cream Soda ($110): We’ve got a thing for fun pool floats, and can’t believe there isn’t an ice cream cone shaped one (yet!). While we wait, this pop art version with a reproduction of Lichtenstein’s 1962 Ice Cream Soda will have to do.

Ice Cream Cone Party Hat

23. Ice Cream Cone Party Hat: We aren’t sure how we feel about wearing sugar cones instead of eating them, but it is a delicious looking hair accessory. (via One Charming Party)

Ice Cream Tattlys

24. Ice Cream Tattlys ($5 for two): We love Tattly at Brit HQ. And of course they have a wide selection of ice cream themed temporary tats. Get the ice cream bolt, soft serve, popsicles, and ice cream truck here.

Chef's Choice Cone Holder

25. Chef’s Choice Cone Holder ($22): Make serving your favorite cones (maybe these pretzel cones?) easier with this holder.

Wilton Ice Cream Cookie Cutters

26. Ice Cream Cookie Cutters ($4): We think the best possible idea would be ice cream cone shaped ice cream sandwiches. Don’t you?

Vintage Stamped Ice Cream Spoons

27. Vintage Stamped Ice Cream Spoons ($25): This is the perfect wedding gift for an ice-cream-loving couple. We think it could even count for the something old, if the bride uses it at the reception.

Ice Cream Ankle Socks

28. Ice Cream Ankle Socks ($5): These socks are…sweet! We can’t imagine hiding them underneath your shoes, so go ahead and wear them with a flat or heel that leaves them exposed.

Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock

29. Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock ($6): If you live with an uncontrollable ice cream thief, invest in this combination lock to keep your favorite pint safe.

Ice Cream Crayons

30. Cone Shaped Crayons ($14): Made from recycled crayons these are perfect party favors after an ice cream social birthday.

Twirly Ice Cream Beanie

31. Twirly Ice Cream Beanie ($30): For the ice cream fanatic who will eat the frozen treat even when it’s below freezing outside, this beanie will at least keep their head warm while indulging.

What’s your favorite ice-cream-themed indulgence? Tell us in the comments!