This week at Brit we have been inspired by gorgeous food art and graphic desserts. All those sweets may leave you with a little more than a sugar hangover, so we took a cue from Ida Frosk and decided to make some playful vegetable creations.

Ida does amazing things with open faced sandwiches and breakfast plates. After drooling over her Instagram, we decided to create a mini-DIY that will make even grown-ups want to play with their food! This is also a super fun way to get your kids to eat their veggies.

1. Brussel Sprout Caterpillar: He’s just like the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar… but edible!

Start by slicing the brussel sprouts in half. Laying them flat side down, use toothpicks to connect the pieces. Use a toothpick to vertically connect a whole brussel sprout as the head. Use thin slices of radishes for the ears and mouth. We used a black food marker to draw on the eyes but watermelon seeds would work too!

2. Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Tree: You only need 3 ingredients for this tree!

Slice a cucumber in half width ways. Then slice it again length ways to make it lay flat. Use thin slices of cucumber and halved cherry tomatoes to make the leaves. Garnish with a little rice and Ta-Da!

3. Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Avocado: What happens when Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Avocado have baby? Avocado Latkes. Avocado Latkes happen.

To make your very own real life Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Avocado, use toothpicks to attach the appendages. We used a mushroom as a hat, carrots for arms, radish sliver for mouth, and olives and peas as eyes. For the eyes, you will need to break the toothpick into a smaller piece to attach. Slice the bottom of the avocado and potato so that they are flat and will stand up straight.

4. Flower Power: Stock up on all your vitamins with this flower! We used baby carrots for the stalk, brussel sprout leaves for the petals, half a radish for the center and cucumber slices for the grass. You can get creative and make all your salads this playful!

5. Ahoy!: This potato pirate ship is a-rockin’!

Take a potato and slice it in half. Then slice a little off the bottom so that it will lay flat. Slice a mushroom about a 1/4 of inch thick. Remove the stem. Use a toothpick to connect the mushroom cap and cherry tomato. Use another toothpick to position the pirates in their ship. We drew the faces on using a black food marker.

This project was too much fun!

What are your favorite ways to play with food?