Though the models backstage at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which airs December 8 on CBS, literally had an army getting them runway ready — 32 hairstylists, 32 makeup artists and six manicurists to be exact — the elaborate prep (and those final covetable looks) actually included some pretty basic beauty tips. As in, you can totally steal a VS model hair or makeup hack for your next big networking event or hot date (but you can leave the giant wings at home). Here’s the inside scoop on the products + tricks to keep in your beauty arsenal straight from your imaginary besties Alessandra, Kendall, Gigi and more.


1. Make Mauve Your New Everyday Lip Shade: For that more muted lip shade, makeup artist Dick Page applied a mauve color and then lip gloss to Alessandro Ambrosio’s pout. For a similar look, try Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft ($21) + blot your everyday gloss on top. (via Glamour)

2. Prep Your Skin by Going Makeup Free: In the days before the show, many of the models didn’t wear makeup to keep their faces fresh and clean for the big night, which actually takes all day to film. If you want to take a similare route before a big event, make sure you’re on top of your skincare game to get a natural glow sans your typical daily coverage. A touch of serum there, a spritz of face mist here, a lip mask to really hydrate those lips and you’re golden. (via Glamour)

3. Forgo Your Normal Foundation: To give the models a sun-kissed look, makeup artist Dick Page applied a little bit of foundation in a slightly warmer tone than the models’ complexions and used a wet Beautyblender to blend it in and create a more natural effect. Next time you re-up on your foundation, double up to try this makeup hack. (via People StyleWatch)


4. Don’t Forget the Corners: Model Rachel Hilbert spilled that to make her eyes really sparkle and lashes pop, she always adds a touch of eye shadow to the corner of her eyes. Use a highlighter for daily wear or if you really want to take it to the next level, apply a metallic shadow like this bronzy Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color ($25). Party-ready eyes like that. (via WWD)

5. Have #BeachHairGoals All Year Round: Think mermaids when it comes to copying VS Angel hair. Hairstylist Sarah Potempa used the Beachwaver Iron ($189) to add those glamorously tousled waves (Pro Tip: curl in the same direction to get runway-worthy locks). If the time + price tag aren’t in the cards (we’re looking at you, lazy girls), a few spritzes of sea salt spray ($14) will give you instant texture. (via PopSugar)

6. Take a Wine Hiatus: Model Constance Jablonski said she cuts back on the wine before a big show because sugar isn’t good for your skin (womp, womp!). We can think of a few other things you and your gf could dobesides chilling at the bar on weeknights… (via Glamour)


7. Don’t Skimp on Blush: According to the Angels, the perfect companion to a bronzy glow is a bright pop of pink on the apples of your cheeks. The stunning shade models like Kendall Jenner wore comes from the Kryolan Blusher Palette ($32), a five-shade palette that’s just daring you to mix up your next look. (via Vogue)

8. Get. Some. Sleep!: Yes, beauty sleep is key to the flawless skin and pep in the steps of a VS model (raise your hand if you need to re-work your before-bed routine). Make it a screens-off, tea-kettle-on (with herbal potions at the ready) and relaxing tunes kind of night, all in the name of beauty. (via People StyleWatch)

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(Photos via @victoriassecret, @alessandraambrosio, @kendalljenner)