Who needs a Now That鈥檚 What I Call Music! album when Vine has #6secondcovers? Vine鈥檚 folk-pop power couple Us the Duo stepped up their music covers game and took on 12 of 2014鈥檚 biggest hits in a mashup that clocks in at under three minutes. Relatively short, but also kinda long considering married couple Michael and Carissa Alvarado rose to fame through their six-second covers on Vine.

After racking up their follower count, they joined Republic Records this year, becoming the social media platform鈥檚 first major label signing. In addition to uploading all the covers ever (seriously, they鈥檝e done a lot), Us the Duo released their sophomore album No Matter Where You Are this year and have been traveling internationally promoting the record (we鈥檝e been stalking them and they鈥檙e currently en route to Singapore).

Try naming all the songs covered in their best of video below (side note: we think they left out a few of our faves, but we won鈥檛 complain since they sound so amazing), then head over to Spotify to check out their original work immediately.

Can we put in a request for the duo to sing the entire Billboard Top 40?

If you鈥檙e just getting on board, don鈥檛 get too used to all the covers for too long because Michael told BuzzFeed, 鈥淭his video is our last hurrah with covers for a while.鈥 No worries though, they just want to focus on writing and recording their third album in 2015. Can鈥檛 complain about that, right?

Which cover by Us The Duo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.