We all love a good makeup tutorial. But while our favorite magazines are full of awesome products and ideas to make sure our skin is summer ready, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what would work best on our own skin. Luckily, some of our favorite vloggers are sharing their tips to get glamorous skin IRL. Whether you’re looking to waterproof your makeup or need tips to make your sunburn go away, here are eight of our favorite beauty tutorials on YouTube right now.

1. Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup: Going on an outdoor picnic is a great summer date idea and all, but losing half of your makeup in the middle of it is a struggle we all know too well. Vlogger Vicky Logan shares her secrets to get makeup that stays put even through the sweatiest of outdoors soirees. (via VICKYLOGAN)

2. How to Remove a Tan From Your Face: Did you get a little too crazy with the self tanner over the weekend? Remove the orange hue and avoid looking like you just stepped off the Jersey Shore with these tips from Shruti. (via shrutiarjunanand)

3. Waterproof Your Makeup: Putting on makeup for a pool party or beach day always seems like kind of a waste. That is, until now. Rock a red lip with your polka dot bikini by following these easy steps to waterproof your makeup. (via Michelle Phan)

4. How to Cover a Sunburn: If you’re having a tough time healing a sunburn, you may want to cover it in the meantime. Check out these tips from Popsugar to help you heal that sunburn safely. (via POPSUGAR Beauty)

5. Summer Skin Care Routine: While we all might know our skin care routine should vary depending on the weather, we may not all know which products will work best for us from season to season. Check out this video by Tina Rai Pun to see how she keeps her skin looking fabulous all summer long. (via Tina Rai Pun)

6. How to Heal a Sunburn Overnight: Did you get a sunburn the day before a big event? Don’t panic. Here are a few tips from vlogger Summer Saldana on how to get your skin looking picture-perfect again. (via Summer Saldana)

7. Summer Sunset Glow: If you’re looking to rock a sun-kissed look this summer, be sure to watch this video by Michelle Phan. Here, she shares her steps to rocking a fresh-faced, dewy look. (via Michelle Phan)

8. Sunscreen Tips to Avoid a Sunburn: There are, like, a zillion different kinds of sunscreen out there, so it can be a little tough to figure out which one to buy. In this video, Birchbox talks about the different types of sunscreen, what SPF means and what you should be using to make sure your skin is safe underneath those harsh UV rays. (via Birchbox)

What are some of your favorite beauty vlogs? Let us know in the comments!