Tech and style have long made slightly awkward bedfellows, but thankfully, those days seem to be coming to an end. Today Walmart (yes, Walmart) is launching Motile, a tech accessories brand that looks right at home on a fashion influencer’s Instagram feed.

They’re making a splash with not one, but three collection launches on December 4: the eight-piece Commuter Collection, the three-piece Sport Collection, and a range of electronic accessories, including a streamlined portable wireless speaker ($58) and wireless Qi charging pads ($38) that are surprisingly *not* an eyesore.

The designers behind Motile have considered all of our on-the-go needs, and the answers come in the form of everything from an office-ready Commuter Tote with Laptop Sleeve ($138) to an OOO Travel Tech Organizer ($38) that’ll have you fielding a lot of where-is-that-from questions.

Meanwhile, for when you’re working up a sweat, the Sport Collection includes a Neoprene Sport Backpack ($108), available in four bright colors, and a Neoprene Sport Duffle Bag ($118) that isn’t just photogenic, it’s also packed with a 10K mAh wireless charger.

But what’s truly impressive is for such budget-friendly prices (ranging from $18 to $138), they created a brand of tech-savvy accessories packaged in a minimalist aesthetic that could rival the Everlanes and Nikes of the world.

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(Photos via Walmart)