When it comes to crafting, washi tape is a girl’s best friend. This Japanese masking tape has endless possibilities, from creative party decor to colorful wallpaper. Besides the fact that it’s super versatile, it also comes in so many fun patterns. And when you’re not busy crafting away, you’re going to need somewhere to store those precious rolls. Luckily, we found 20 clever storage solutions that you’ll seriously love.

1. Jewelry Holder: These trees aren’t just for holding jewelry anymore. How cute would this look on your craft table? (via Crafts Unleashed)

2. Tape Tin: Put a vintage tin to good use in your creative space by stowing washi tape inside. (via Just Me, My Soldier and Our Four Little Chicks)

3. Washi Tape House: Not only is this DIY dispenser great for storing your washi tape, but it gives them a cute little “home” to nest in. (via Crafts Unleashed)

4. Tape Rod: Line up your tape on a rod for easy access while crafting. (via Heart Handmade)

5. Vintage Wire Basket: A simple basket is an easy solution for keeping all of your tapes corralled. (via Studio Calico)

6. Branching Out: This DIY only requires two materials and can be set up in a matter of seconds. What could be better?! (via Ishtar Olivera)

7. Bowl: If your collection is still tiny, your washi tape can easily be stored and displayed in a cute desktop bowl. Looking to grow your collection? The Brit + Co shop has you covered! (via Seventh House on the Left)

8. Washi Tape Box ($18): These handmade boxes can hold up to 24 rolls of your most favorite washi tape. Score!

9. Command Center: Use sticky hooks and wooden dowels to sort your washi tape and create instant organization. And it’s not too bad to look at, either. (via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)

10. Wash(i) Tub: A galvanized tub works wonders for containing a large tape collection. (via Happiness is Homemade)

11. Floor Grate: Give each of your washi tape rolls its own place by turning one of these babies on its side. (via Crab + Fish)

12. Bucket: If you just want to gather all your tape in one place, a bucket is a perfect option. That way, you can easily rifle through your choices. (via Your Memory Connection)

13. Washi Tape Organizer ($37): This organizer is simple and compact, perfect for some no-fuss storage. Oh, and you can color code.

14. Berry Organized: Berry baskets are great for holding small bits and baubles from your work space. Jazz yours up with some gold spray paint (like these) or another color that fits your fancy. (via Lovely Indeed)

15. Dessert Storage: This is a two-for-one special. A cake stand can be repurposed for stacking and displaying washi tape, while a glass dessert bell keeps other rolls covered and dust-free. (via Giochi di Carta)

16. Egg Carton: The grooves of an egg carton are just the right size for holding all your washi tape in place. (via Sunshine of Mine)

17. Drawer Organizer: You can buy these drawer organizers at almost any home store. Just hack one by adding some tension rods to hold your washi rolls. (via IHeart Organizing)

18. Card Catalog: Stash your washi tape in style with a vintage card catalog. The small cubbies inside are sure to help you organize your tape. (via Studio Calico)

19. Foil Box: Upcycle an old aluminum foil box for storing your washi tape collection. Just add a dowel to hold them in place. Plus, it already comes with the serrated edge for easy tape cutting. (via My Minds Eye)

20. Washi Wheel ($38): How awesome is this?! It’s like a rolodex, but for your washi tape. Sold!

How do you store your washi tape? Let us know in the comments below!