When we think of water filters, we think of clunky faucet attachments, huge janky jugs or plastic boxes that take up entire shelves in the fridge. It’s not a pretty picture, guys, and definitely not something you’re proud to bust out at a nice dinner party. Inspired by the design and rituals of pour-over coffee, KOR has created what is likely the world’s most stylish water filter.

Water Fall is a beautifully simple filtration system that’ll fit right in with the rest of your gorgeous kitchen gadgets. KOR is running a Kickstarter to launch the product, and they’re currently about halfway to their goal. Water Fall is a set that comes with a stand, filter and two glass carafes. The other great part about Water Fall is that the filters (which last about four months each) are made from coconut shells, which is a natural alternative to the complicated artificial and chemical ingredients. And they are sustainably minded, which is even better.

With most other filters, you can’t separate the filter from the (usually fugly) container. With Water Fall not only can you do that, but it allows you to stash multiple carafes of water to infuse with fresh herbs or whatever you’d like without the extra step. And we do love a good infusion.

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