Scrolling through Instagram can yield some crazy cool beauty discoveries (who can forget watermelon makeup and denim nails?), but it can also reveal tips and tricks that are straight-up bizarre. A recent social media stalking sesh unearthed a weird beauty hack we had never seen before on celeb makeup artist Fiona Stiles’ feed: the lower eyelash curling hack, as demonstrated by her client, YouTuberBrittany Balyn. Naturally we had to put it to the test.

The idea is to flip your eyelash curler upside down and use it underneath your lower lashes to create a bend, adding a little more oomph and definition to your peepers. While this hack definitely looks a bit uncomfortable, its application is pretty straightforward. Read on to find out if it worked for us.

First of all, holding your curler upside down just feels plain weird, so you have to get a secure grip before you begin. Once you’re ready, slowly and carefully place it underneath your lower lashes, then steadily pump the curler.

After Balyn showed Stiles her trick, she wanted to give it a try too. “It truly felt dangerous,” Stiles said of her own experience with the hack. And it’s not one she’s likely to do again. “The results are the same as when you don’t curl them,” she warned. “I would never do this to a client.”

Despite dubbing this hack a fail, Stiles posted the process on her Instagram, which was how I discovered it. After braving it on my own, I have to agree with Stiles. The results were absolutely not worth it. If you were standing right in front of my face (like, creepily close to my face), staring at my eyelashes, you would be able to see a teeny, tiny (basically microscopic) lift — but it’s really subtle. Plus each time I’ve tried this tip, I have screwed up my eye makeup. I smudged eyeliner, smeared mascara, and — somehow — managed to mess up eyeshadow on my lid. For feeling as uncomfortable as it does, the result doesn’t justify the effort. Hard pass.

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