Smartphones, smart watches and smart cards have made it faster and more secure than ever to make bargain buys on the go. But digital mavens know that carrying these pricey gadgets with you all the time can be cumbersome and even risky. London-based Kerv is ahead of the curve when it comes to contactless payment systems. They’ve created a stylish wearable that can do all of your shopping in a cinch.


As the world’s first contactless payment ring, the Kerv lets you leave your purse, wallet, smartphone and smart watch at home when you’re out shopping. All you have to do to pay with the Kerv is make a single gesture over a contactless payment terminal. Once you hear a beep, your purchase is complete!

The ring contains a secure NFC contactless payment chip that’s activated when it’s brought close to a contactless reader. Once the reader authorizes the transaction, funds are withdrawn from your Kerv prepaid account and the details of the transaction are recorded. Transactions with Kerv are just as secure as those made with Chip-and-PIN credit cards.


The Kerv even encourages responsible money management. Just like a bank account, you can monitor your balance via the Kerv app or the secure website. Since the Kerv only allows you to spend what you’ve put in, there are no pesky overdraft fees and no risk of debt. The auto top-up feature makes it easy to keep your account full and happy long before you reach the checkout counter. You can use the Kerv to pay for anything — at retailers, in taxis, on public transportation or at any location in the world that displays the contactless payment symbol. That’s 38 million locations and counting!


Unlike wearables that sacrifice fashion for function, the Kerv lets you shop in style. Its sleek ceramic shell and glossy resin interior are not only totally gorge, but lightweight, allergy-free, waterproof and comfortable enough to rock all day on any finger. You can snag one for yourself when you make a pledge of $35 or more on Kerv’s Kickstarter page.

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(Images via Kerv and Kickstarter)