Between the venue, the photographer, and the dress, all the wedding day elements have come together to make your dream day a reality. To make sure you choose the best hair and makeup, we’ve sketched out all the questions you should ask your stylists before your big day.

Before Booking

Before you officially book your hair and makeup services, keep in mind the following q’s. (Photo via Getty)

What services do you offer? Lead makeup artist and hair stylist Marsia Nogueira, of The Beauty Studio, notes that the first thing you should confirm is that the pro offers the exact services you’re looking for, including airbrush makeup, false eye lashes, or extensions.

Can I see your past work and reviews? Nowadays, many professionals make this easy as they post up-to-date work on their social media pages. You’ll also want to see reviews so you know that they’re credible artists who have worked actual weddings in the past and are reliable to deliver an A+ wedding day experience.

Do you provide off-site services? “It’s usually most comfortable for brides to get ready in their own spaces with their closest friends and family,” notes Nogueira. Also, ask if the pro charges a travel fee.

Do you have a maximum or a minimum number of applications to book? Especially if travel is involved, the pros could require a certain number of applications in order to book with them. For example, if you are the only person in need of hair and makeup services, the artist might not want to book an entire day for one client when they could book a larger wedding party on that same date. Some may also have a maximum number of applications they are comfortable doing in one day by themselves. (Photo via Getty)

Are there any extra day-of charges I should know about? Last-minute decisions like extensions or false lashes mean extra work and resources for your artist, which translates to unexpected costs for you.

At Your Trial

Bring photos of the looks you love. One person’s idea of “natural” can be another person’s “smokey,” so it’s best to bring visual representations with you of the looks you envision when you walk down the aisle. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Tell them how much makeup you’re used to wearing. Comfort levels vary when it comes to makeup application, so don’t assume your makeup artist knows what feels and looks normal to you. Keep the lines of communication open and don’t be afraid to inform them about how much makeup you’re used to wearing daily.

Inform them of your wedding details. “Of course you want your makeup to match the theme of your wedding, so it’s crucial that you tell your artist all of your wedding details like color, location/weather, length of your wedding, cut of your dress, and more,” says Nogueira. Having an outdoor warm-weather wedding? You’re gonna want a heat-proof hairstyle and plenty of anti-humectant spray.

Are there any skincare/haircare tips to take note of pre-wedding? In order to ensure your makeup and hair looks turn out as flawless as possible, you’ll want to make sure your skin and hair are in the best condition possible. You can also inquire with your hairstylist about extensions, coloring, or smoothing treatments. (Photo via Getty)

Are there any products I should buy to keep in my day-of bag? Of course, your pros will do everything in their power to make your hair and makeup look great all night long, but ask about last-minute beauty buys that you should have on hand just in case you need to touch up after they have left. Nogueira suggests keeping your lipstick, blotting powder, and tissues in your bridal bag to help you stay flawless for the long night ahead of you.

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