Every wedding planner will tell you that it all comes down to the nitty gritty details. That’s why wedding planner Claudette was blown away when her boyfriend Jonathan proposed to her in the most thought-out way. You can imagine the pressure of proposing to a wedding PLANNER (and couldn’t blame him if he had hoped for a leap year proposal). So when Jonathan took meticulous care into crafting the perfect proposal — from recruiting her work friends to arranging a beautiful fairytale ensemble in the park — his now fiancée couldn’t help but be impressed. After buying their first home together, Claudette knew that it was only a matter of time before Jonathan would pop the question, but nothing could prepare her for what he had planned. Keep reading to find out how Jonathan pulled off this Insta-worthy engagement.

jonathan claudette proposal balloon with tassels

The sweet proposal story started at Claudette’s work, when her manager asked her to come upstairs. When she walked up the stairs, she saw her photographer friend Christy and videographer friend Ixchel with their cameras at the ready. They handed her an envelope with a note that read, “Claudette, go put your pretty pink skirt on and meet me in the park…” That’s when she was handed a bag that Jonathan had packed, which included her favorite tulle skirt, seven pairs of shoes, a variety of tops and her makeup bag — now that’s a thoughtful boyfriend. After changing, Claudette was whisked away to Fish Creek Park, where an even better surprise was waiting for her.

jonathan claudette proposal

When she reached the park, Christy was already there with her trusty camera. After making her way down the path, Claudette was greeted by a very sharply dressed Jonathan and a scene taken straight out of a fairytale. The setting — complete with huge balloons with tassels, two vintage chairs and the biggest floral arrangement ever — was picture-perfect. As Jonathan got down on one knee, Claudette “couldn’t stop smiling and shaking and crying,” and couldn’t even say yes. Instead, “it was more a series of squeals!”

jonathan claudette kiss

As beautiful as the park setup was, the real beauty was in the details. Each and every vendor Jonathan chose knew Claudette personally, so they used her favorite flowers and details. The floral pattern in the envelope was chosen specifically because Claudette’s friend Ali from Modern Pulp remembered it from a few years ago. The pink chair was included because Claudette mentioned to Jonathan how much she loved it when it was used at a wedding the month before. And even though The Mrs. Box had just been launched when she had showed Jonathan, he contacted Grey Likes Weddings, who graciously sent him a sample box before the release. Lastly, in anticipation of their celebratory dinner, he even made three dinner reservations for her to choose from. If there’s an award for most thoughtful/considerate S.O., we’re pretty sure Jonathan DOMINATES that one.

claudette and jonathan dancing

Being a wedding planner, Claudette felt she was more appreciative of all the time and effort Jonathan had put into surprising her the way he did. Like preparations put into a wedding, it was all “for that one day, but the memories stay with you forever.”

Their big day is set for September 2016, which they’ll be celebrating with family and friends in the UK. Congrats to Claudette and Jonathan!

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(Photos via Christy D Swanberg Photography)