What comes to mind when you try to picture a smartphone case with multi-tasking capabilities? Are you imagining a case with slots for your credit cards and work ID stashed away? That’s handy too, but we hope you’re sitting down for the 2014 version. Wello is the first “smart” phone case that is its own wearable… for your phone to wear.

The future of smartphones as our personal health trackers is here. Now. Or, very very soon. In the next couple months. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a heartbeat monitor built into the back of the phone under the camera, Moov turns Siri into your personal fitness coach and now Wello brings tracking capabilities directly to iPhones and Android. It makes sense, right — putting the power of wearable technology into your hands where your phone naturally spends a lot of time.

When your iPhone is wearing Wello, all you need to do is hold it like you’re taking a photo or texting and hidden sensors measure your vitals and pass the info along to an app. It monitors blood pressure, lung function, can take an ECG reading, measures your heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even works as a virtual thermometer. You’ll get an instant picture of your health and be able to use the app over time to detect and understand patterns.

We love the idea of Wello because it doesn’t feel like you’re adding another device to your life, you’re just combining the technology with an already essential gadget. Sounds easy and smart to us. You can pre-order Wello as an iPhone case or a separate standalone device for Android now for $199.

Would you drop $200 for a “smart” smartphone case? Is it too much tech for one device or the perfect multi tasking tech-cessory?