We’re seeing serious stars over at Samsung these days. Yesterday we gave you a look at the company’s new Gear 2 smartwatches, featuring bands we wouldn’t mind wearing, and the Gear Fit, a fitness tracker at least a couple months ahead of its time. Today the Samsung Galaxy S5 wow-ed over at the Mobile World Congress. And here at my computer. Let’s take a look at why the S5 is lighting up our gadget galaxy right about now:

1. Impressive Specs: The smartphone boasts a 5.1 inch high-resolution, 1080p display screen and a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera for serious picture-taking. Unfortunately (actually, maybe fortunately?) your selfies will be slightly grainier with only a 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera.

2. James Bond-Approved Features: The phone has a fingerprint reader built into the home button and even a heartbeat sensor located at the back of the phone under the camera.

3. It’s WATERPROOF!? Samsung is getting some slack for the S5 being made of plastic, but the phone itself is dust-resistant AND waterproof so we’re not complaining. In the daily game of steady-handed smartphone handling, Team You gains serious strides against all puddles, or worse, toilets that stand in your path.

4. Ready to Work You Out: Back to that built-in heartbeat sensor! The S5 is leading the way in smartphone as fitnessphone so far with an actual heart rate reader. Users can hook up their phone to the S Health app and use it as a pedometer, to customize a fitness routine, monitor their heart rate and even track sleep and stress levels. And of course, it’ll look and work great with our new Gear Fit.

5. Crazy Cool Battery Saver: The phone isn’t messing around when it comes to saving you juice in “Ultra Power-Saving Mode.” It restricts what apps can run and gives you the option of switching your display to greyscale to save you every last bit of battery you might need. A huge bonus for those of us known to send “phone about to die” texts every once in a while/day.

The biggest buzz among insiders is whether or not this version of the smartphone will please those who think the previous Galaxy models didn’t live up to their feature-packed hype. The Android users among us will let you know after April’s release. And the Apple users just might borrow theirs to see what’s up…

Do you use a Samsung Galaxy? What do you love/hate about it? Tell us below!