Think you like to “move it, move it”? Wait til you hear about Moov. It might make you change your tune… or at least how you spell it. Moov is a new fitness wearable created by an ex-Apple engineer, so you know it has to be good. And before you dismiss it as just another fancy pants pedometer, check the specs.

While your standard wearable might focus on tracking, Moov actually coaches you like a mini Wii Fit for your wrist. In real time. Remember Siri? She’s about to become your personal trainer. Let’s hope she doesn’t make you run laps for all those Her jokes.

That unassuming little button has a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer that analyze the way you move and share the data over Bluetooth to its iOS app. It can hook onto just about anything, from sneakers to weights to sporting equipment like golf clubs. While Moov can store info about your workouts for you to revisit later, the beauty of this device is that it can move with you to give you cues with each stride, punch and, eventually, every downward dog.

When it releases, Moov will have programs for running, cardio boxing, weight training, swimming (yes, it’s waterproof!) and cycling with plans to expand to yoga, martial arts and more exercises over time. On runs, Siri follows along with every step to give you critiques on form: “Shorten your stride… and land softer,” to help you avoid running injuries. In the pool it will track your laps. While in Warrior Two, it will show your position on the screen and let you know when you’ve reached nirvana. Moov will even give you pointers on your golf swing.

Tapping into what makes FitBit and Jawbone popular, Moov will fire up your competitive spirit by pitting you against your friends, even notifying them if you’re beating them. Yes, Moov is that kind of coach. Game on, fellow Moov-ers!

As a runner, gym goer and 7 minute workout app fan who doesn’t break a sweat without my iPhone nearby, this felt like the wearable I have been waiting for. And it’s my part time job to look at wearables, people! Here’s hoping Moov and Spotify can play well together and there’s not a delay in shipping, which is currently scheduled for July. You can pre-order Moov right now for $60 (it will be twice that when it launches) or one for each wrist for $100. Pro tip alert! If you order and get your friends in on the fun, you earn $5 for each of their orders if they use your referral link. We suggest you hook your running team up stat.

What do YOU think? Too many wearables, too little time? Which of the recent wearables do you most want in your life?