One more holiday shopping season is behind is (woo!), but that doesn’t mean there’s not a whole new world of retail opportunities out there to check out. A new year brings with it a fresh calendar of sales and savings, and to help you be a smart shopper (and to keep you on track with all of those money-cleansing New Year’s resolutions you set!), we’ll be compiling lists all year of what to buy each month so you can get the best possible deal.

Scroll down to read about the four items you should consider buying before January is over. Catching these on sale is a great way to kickstart your budget plan for the year!

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1. HolidayDecorations: This one is probably a no-brainer — who hasn’t been out running errands a day or two after Christmas only to find that the same totally adorable decorations that practically broke the bank before the holidays are suddenly at a deep discount? Instead of getting mad about it, take advantage of the sales! Now is the best time to stock up on everything you might need to create a festive wonderland in your home next year. Even if you can’t be totally sure of the look you’ll be going for when the holidays come around again, chances are you’ll find use for tinsel, garland or lights, so buy them now while they’re more affordable.

2. Linens: You may have only ever heard the word “linen” used by your grandmother or in reference to that mysterious closet in your parents’ house, so here’s the quick scoop: The term covers a wide range of household items most often used in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Think towels, wash cloths, napkins, tablecloths, table runners, oven mitts, aprons, sheets… you get the picture. January is the ideal time to pick up any of these items at a prime price, because many large stores still stick with the old-school tradition of holding white sales. Keep an eye out for household sales for the rest of this month.

3. Bedding: Comforters, sheets, quilts, duvets and pillowcases are all part of the “linens” category we mentioned above, but we all know how important it is to have a cozy place to sleep (or cuddle), so bedding gets its own shout-out. As we said, January is prime season for white sales, but thanks to the freezing temperatures that so many of us are dealing with at this time of year, it’s also prime season for refeathering your sleeping nest to keep it fresh for the rest of the winter. If you see bedding on sale later in the year (when it’s warmer), you may be less likely to snap it up, so go for it now!

4. Superbowl Snack Foods: Even the non-football fans among us can appreciate a great Superbowl partyespecially when it comes to the snacks. Whether or not you’re watching the big game this year, you’ll probably need to have a stash of salty snacks on hand at some point for personal snacking or future gatherings of your own. Supermarkets and big box chains are stacking up chips, pretzels and dips with crazy low price tags, so if you’re going to stock up, now is the right time.

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