DIY addicts, it鈥檚 the most wonderful time of year: Time to pull out your glue gun and deck your halls with flurries of pretty paper snowflakes, pom-pom garlands, and disco ball wreaths. If your idea of the perfect holiday home is filled with lots of insanely easy DIY projects, you鈥檝e come to the right place. Want to make a terrarium filled with mini gingerbread houses? Of course you do! And what about sprucing up your stockings with faux fur and tassels? That鈥檚 a definite yes. This season is all about getting crafty-but-not-crazy, so scroll down for 72 DIYs that will get your home in the Christmas spirit ASAP.

DIY Edible Snowglobes Christmas Decoration Idea

1. DIY Edible Snowglobes: Snow globes are awesome, but a snow globe you can eat is even awesome-er. Dress up your table with a magical gingerbread wonderland and then treat yourself to a gumdrop tree whenever you need a little pick-me-up. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Reindeer Pi帽ata Christmas Decoration Idea

2. DIY Reindeer Pi帽ata: It isn鈥檛 a real party until the pi帽atas show up, but these mini reindeer are WAY too adorable to break apart. Whether you choose to fill them with candy or not, they鈥檇 look pretty cute on a mantel or tucked under the tree. (via A Subtle Revelry)

DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decoration Idea

3. DIY Pom-Pom Christmas Tree: Not sure you want to deal with a real tree this year? Skip the faux needles and go for something totally unique with a DIY honeycomb ball tree. (via Sugar & Cloth)

DIY Bottle Brush Tree Centerpiece Christmas Decoration Idea

4. DIY Bottle Brush Tree Centerpiece: Yep, you鈥檙e gonna want to pull out those bottle brush trees early this year, because they look totally awesome lining your dinner table. Throw down a little faux snow and get ready for some serious Instagrammin鈥. (via Coco Kelley)

Quirky Gift Wrap Christmas Decoration Idea

5. Quirky Gift Wrap: It鈥檚 time to pull out all the stops for your gift wrapping endeavors. Plain wrapping paper with a drugstore-bought bow isn鈥檛 going to cut it this year, so follow the tips and tricks in this tutorial to kick your wrapping game up a notch. (via Studio DIY)

DIY Faux Calligraphy Ornaments Christmas Decoration Idea

6. DIY Faux Calligraphy Ornaments: Out-of-the-box ornaments are nice and all, but there鈥檚 something special about crafting some of your own each year. Get a little creative with a gold pen and transform ordinary ornaments into truly memorable treasures. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Mini Mail Advent Calendar Decoration Idea

7. DIY Mini Mail Advent Calendar: An advent calendar is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and count down the days until Santa makes his appearance. Place a tiny trinket in each one of these mini packages and wrap them all up. Hide them around the house or sneak them into your mail for the kids to find every day. (via Oh Happy Day)

DIY Punny Ornaments Christmas Decoration Idea

8. DIY Punny Ornaments: Let鈥檚 hear it for the lovers of everything punny. This year, skip the shops and DIY a few pun-tastic ornaments to make your tree (or someone else鈥檚) totally unique. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Sequin Letter Garland Christmas Decoration Idea

9. DIY Sequin Letter Garland: Stringing up a cute DIY holiday garland is a great way to instantly infuse your place with Christmas cheer without a lot of work. Grab a roll of gold sequins and put together a glittery typography garland to hang over your mantel or bar cart. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Paper Ornament Advent Calendar Decoration Idea

10. DIY Paper Ornament Advent Calendar: Nothing helps to count down those anticipatory days to Christmas quite like an advent calendar, and this one features a colorful twist AND pom-poms. This advent calendar comes in garland form so you can mix it in with some greenery. Then let the daily treats start rolling in. (via Oh Happy Day)


11. DIY Gingerbread House Boxes: The best presents come in pretty, pretty packages. This year, DIY your gift boxes into adorable gingerbread house boxes that鈥檒l ensure you鈥檒l get lots of compliments and maybe even an Instagram present snap from your loved ones. #Christmaswinner (via The House That Lars Built)


12. DIY Christmas Tree Cake: If decorating the tree is your fave holiday activity, you鈥檒l LOVE the idea of recreating your Christmas tree in cake form. This one will take some time, so queue up the holiday movies and get your frosting on. (via Aww Sam)


13.Deck the Fridge: Watch out 鈥 once you start stringing up garlands, you鈥檒l add them to every room in the house. Take a mini light garland and deck out your fridge for a cool piece of decor that鈥檒l delight the kiddos AND the adults. (via Studio DIY)


14. DIY Mod Wooden Ornaments: Sometimes the best decorating intentions go down the drain, especially when you鈥檙e rushing to find the perfect gift for everyone. If you鈥檙e feeling pinched for time, grab a bag of plain wood balls at the craft store and give them a custom paint job for an elegant look that won鈥檛 disappoint. (via Say Yes)


15. DIY Snowflake Marquee Light: Marquees are probably the coolest way to add a statement light in your house without going full-on chandelier. If you鈥檙e looking for a festive version, take the weekend to put together this metal and wood snowflake. (via A Beautiful Mess)


16. DIY Christmas Tree Cactus: Not everyone is surrounded by snow-capped pine trees over the holidays, but you can count on your indoor garden to provide plenty of greenery options. Have a cactus? Grab some pom-pom trim and decorate that baby to the nines. (via Sugar & Cloth)


17. DIY Small Space Wall Tree: Because it鈥檚 all about that fringe, 鈥檅out that fringe. If a wall tree is in your future this season, make things super easy on yourself with this chic fringe and pom-pom option. Keep a mini side table nearby to display your presents and a plate of cookies for Santa. (via Brit + Co)


18. DIY Painted Christmas Ornaments: For those of you striving for a more rustic or boho Christmas tree, try making these painted floral ornaments, complete with pretty plaid ribbon. If you鈥檙e looking to add some glam, use gold glitter or faux snow inside the clear balls. (via PMQ for Two)


19. DIY Foam Christmas Tree Banner: When in doubt, hang a banner. Seriously, this one is so easy to make you can have it finished before the pie comes out of the oven. (via Dream Green DIY)


20. DIY Painted Pattern Holiday Ornaments: Get artsy this year with these painted pattern ornaments. Paint them with pastels, or be bold and cover them in neon swaths and glitter. (via Paper & Stitch)


21. DIY Rudolph Ornaments: Get the kiddos involved this season by making pom-pom Rudolph ornaments with them. Yes, you will need that hot glue gun. (via Studio DIY)


22. DIY Simple Winter Village: Nope, this isn鈥檛 your grandma鈥檚 Christmas village. Take a traditional piece of decor and give it a modern twist with a pastel color palette and European-inspired storefronts. Finish the look with white bottle brush trees, faux snow, and battery-powered lights to bring it all to life. (via A Beautiful Mess)


23. DIY Wood Bead Garland: Even if you鈥檙e not ready to purchase a tree yet, it鈥檚 never too early to decorate your home with festive garlands. If you鈥檝e been rocking a Scandinavian vibe all year, keep your garlands light and fresh with this simple wood bead DIY. (via The House That Lars Built)


24. DIY Christmas Tree Name Cards: Follow this tutorial to make mini crepe paper trees, then grab a white pen to write out chic place settings. The use of chocolate peanut butter cups as the base just makes these place cards that much more appealing. (via Oh Happy Day)


25. DIY Peppermint Candy Balloons: Ready to make your holiday party totally Instagram-worthy? Turn balloons into giant peppermint candies with tissue paper and a little spray adhesive. (via Aww Sam)


26. DIY Eye Ornaments: All eyes will be on your tree this year. Literally. Anatomy prints have been trending all year, so it鈥檚 only right you allow your Christmas tree to make the same bold fashion statement. (via A Beautiful Mess)


27. DIY Christmas Light Garlands: Pay homage to your grandma鈥檚 retro Christmas lights by hanging paper light garlands all throughout the house. It鈥檚 as easy as taping cardstock 鈥渓ights鈥 onto yarn or jute and hanging on the tree, mantel, or front door. (via Studio DIY)


28.Spruce Up the Bar Cart: The holidays are pretty much a free pass to have booze on hand at all times, which means your bar cart is going to see some serious action. Whether you鈥檙e hosting a cookie exchange party or looking for a way to impress your in-laws, a glam bar cart will immediately add a little pizzazz to any party. (via Sugar & Cloth)


29. DIY Anthropologie Pom-Pom Garland: Ain鈥檛 nobody got beaucoup bucks to drop on a garland from Anthro. Make a ton of pom-poms in the thickest snowy white yarn you can find, attach them to an inexpensive string, and you鈥檝e got a hack for way less than half the cost. (via Brit + Co)


30. DIY Cranberry Wreath: The bright red color of this all-natural wreath will amp up any doorway or entry. Pink satin ribbon adds a final elegant flourish. (via A Beautiful Mess)


31. DIY Mini Hanging Stars: You鈥檇 pay a fortune for the designer version of these brilliant twinklers. Put your paper-folding skills to work and craft these paper star designs in just a few simple steps. (via Oh Happy Day)


32. DIY Oversized Holly and Berry Garland: Bigger isn鈥檛 always better, but when it comes to holiday decor, we鈥檒l make an exception. For a seriously glammed-out foyer, hot glue massive paper holly leaves and berries onto a wire frame and get ready to feel really small. (via The House That Lars Built)


33. DIY Disco Ball Tree: Even if you鈥檙e a loud and proud real-tree-all-the-way kind of gal, you need this disco ball tree in your life. Seriously, this DIY tree blows EVERY other fake tree away. (via Studio DIY)


34. DIY Batik Indigo Stockings: Blue is a somewhat nontraditional choice for a holiday color scheme, but paired with the right decor it totally looks cool and frosty. The surprise material here? Cookie cutters! Dip the cookie cutters in wax and stamp away to get this cool texture effect. (via Brit + Co)


35.Deck the Fireplace: Nothing beats the crackle of a wood fire during the holidays, but not all of us are #blessed with such a treat. If you鈥檙e struggling with ways to decorate your non-working fireplace, get the same cozy vibes by filling up the space with logs, then lighting a bunch of candles. (via Sugar & Cloth)


36. DIY No Sew Pizza Tree Skirt: A tree skirt is one of those things you might think you don鈥檛 really need鈥 after all, there are going to be a ton of presents under there soon, right? Allow this pizza-themed skirt to change your mind. Because pizza is life. (via Brit + Co)


37. DIY Modern Hexagon Advent Calendar: The best kind of advent calendar is one that doubles as holiday decor, and this geometric beauty is a total stunner. Leave as is, or use double-sided tape to turn this calendar into wall art. Wall art with goodies inside. NOM. (via Oh Happy Day)


38. DIY Gold Dipped Bottle Brush Trees: Celebrate the holidays with this quirky take on a vintage bristle brush tree. Bet you鈥檙e digging the pink and gold combo, but you鈥檒l love it even more when you see how easy it is to DIY that sparkly gilded effect. (via Studio DIY)


39. DIY Pom-Pom Tree Topper: Once you鈥檝e figured out how to top your gifts and your cake, you鈥檙e left with the ultimate topping challenge: the tree! Add some serious personality to the apex of your tree with this fab tree topper that鈥檚 embellished with chunky pom-poms in a whole rainbow of colors. (via Sugar & Cloth)


40. DIY Cheers Light Box Marquee: Light up the inside of your home as well as the outside with a bright gold holiday message. This light box is even easier to put together than a traditional marquee light, leaving you with plenty of time to bake an extra batch of cookies. (via A Beautiful Mess)


41. DIY Tinsel Letter Garland: Anything gold and glittery is a win in our book. Trimming your tree with all the proper fixings might be an art form, but any tree decked out with this tinsel letter garland is guaranteed to dazzle. (via A Bubbly Life)


42. DIY Clay Words: Holiday cocktails are fun, but nothing beats a hot cup of cocoa on a wintry day 鈥 especially when you throw in one of these frozen whipped cream cubes. Put together a hot chocolate station and spell it out with this easy clay sign. (via Oh Happy Day)


43. DIY Christmas Tree Confetti Cones: If you鈥檙e looking for a totally unique and nontraditional way to spruce up your home decor, these clear cones might be just what you鈥檙e searching for. They鈥檙e inexpensive and infinitely customizable. Paint the top with your favorite colors, add confetti, and dust the top with faux snow. (via Sugar & Cloth)


44. DIY Embellished Holiday Stockings: Personalize your stocking with all your favorite trimmings. There are six embellishment ideas here, so it鈥檚 ideal for an afternoon of DIY-ing a whole family of stockings for your entire #squad. (via Brit + Co)


45. DIY Holiday Vignettes: You can鈥檛 beat the sparkle of teeny tiny LED lights, especially when you display them in a cloche or terrarium. Create your own mini holiday scenes with trees, paper houses, or even forest animals spray-painted gold. (via A Beautiful Mess)


46. DIY Giant Paper Snowflakes: While mini decorations are pretty adorable, there鈥檚 no denying the appeal of a supersized snowflake. Once you鈥檝e got a big roll of white paper, cut these out just like you鈥檇 do with normal paper snowflakes. String them up on the wall and you鈥檝e got the *perf* backdrop for your family holiday photo. (via Oh Happy Day)


47. DIY Giant Ornament Balloons: Speaking of giant decor, how rad are these enormous ornaments?! Kids will love playing with these, but even the adults will find them totally squeal-worthy. (via Studio DIY)


48. DIY Salon Wall Christmas Tree: Give your gallery wall a festive makeover with these easy tips and DIY accessories. Glitter? Check. Coordinating garland? Check. Personalized ornaments? Check. You鈥檝e officially mastered the art of the holiday gallery wall. (via Brit + Co)


49.Crystal Topped Gifts: It鈥檚 not just what鈥檚 in the gift, but how it鈥檚 wrapped that counts. Pick up some inexpensive crystals at the craft store and attach them to your presents with sparkly ribbon for an extra special touch. (via Oh Happy Day)


50.Black and Gold Tree: This year, trimming the tree can be as simple as draping a few yards of tinsel around the branches and accessorizing with gold baubles. Show of hands: Who wishes they鈥檇 thought of this last year? (via A Beautiful Mess)


51. DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree: O honeycomb, O honeycomb鈥 how lovely are thy (non-shedding) branches. It鈥檚 bright, it鈥檚 colorful, and it鈥檚 totally small-space friendly. (via Studio DIY)


52. DIY Frosted Snow Balloons: You won鈥檛 want to put these balloon ornaments anywhere near a prickly pine tree, but they鈥檙e definitely a festive addition to any party. If there鈥檚 no snow in your forecast, just fake a blizzard with these sparkly, frosted balloons that鈥檒l transform your home into a winter wonderland. (via Oh Happy Day)


53. DIY Colored Bottle Brush Trees: Most holiday decorations look out of place after December, but these pastel bottle brush trees will brighten your home throughout the winter without wearing out their welcome. The best part is that you can totally customize the dye job to go with your unique color palette. (via A Beautiful Mess)


54.Holiday Kitchen Wreath: Decking out your kitchen for the holidays can be a snap. Take advantage of the space underneath your open shelves and hang some swag. Whether you go for greenery or a sparkly banner, your kitchen just became the coolest place to hang out. (via Oh Happy Day)


55.Merry Rustic: This teal and red take on holiday decor is simple and chic. Hang a bright red nose on the deer bust hanging on your wall, deck your mantel with some quirky stockings, and paint the ends of the logs in your fireplace for an extra pop of color. (via Country Living)


56. DIY Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree: Guess what this minimalist tree is made of? One holiday supply: wrapping paper. If you thought the material list was simple, check out the tutorial. (via Brit + Co)


57. DIY Present Balloons: Use a little tinsel to make these balloons the main attraction at all your holiday parties. String them up by the fireplace or line them up to make a colorful photo backdrop at your next shindig. (via Studio DIY)


58. DIY Holiday Card Display: Give your fridge a break this year and put your cards out on the mantel where everyone can admire your beautiful family. This tree-shaped display is a breeze to put together and is just what your home needs to give Great Aunt Bonnie鈥檚 card a proper display. (via Brit + Co)


59. DIY Holiday Cookie Exchange: One of the best parts of the season is the food, so it only makes sense to throw a little cookie exchange party where you can try ALL the cookies and only have to make one kind. More cookies, less work? Yes, please. (via Oh Happy Day)


60. DIY Mini Gingerbread House Place Cards: The best way to do place cards? DIY edible versions, duh. Ace the holiday entertaining game with a bit of creativity鈥 and a bit of sugary frosting. (via Aww Sam)

61. Vinyl Atomic Starburst Ornaments: Create vintage details with a little sparkle. Finish the bulbs with a velour bow, or hang them on the tree as is. These are too beautiful not to display! (via PMQ for Two)

62. DIY Christmas Present Wreath: As far as alternatives to winter greens go, this one will stop your guests in their tracks. Just make sure they don鈥檛 try and open any of the gifts. (via Design Improvised)

63. DIY Color-Blocked Velvet Ornaments: Go bold or go home with gem-hued geometric decor, a statement tree, and coordinated gift wrap. (via Paper & Stitch)

64. Pom-Pom Wreath: The award for 鈥淓asiest and Cheeriest Decor Ever鈥 goes to this five-minute project involving supplies you know you鈥檝e already got and a glue gun. So what are you waiting for? (via Design Improvised)

65. Advent Ornaments: Instead of picking a theme for your tree this year, turn it into an advent calendar. Get a good colorful base going and by the time Christmas rolls around, your tree will be decked out and ready for the party. (via Oh Joy)

66. Kitschy Cute Christmas Decor: This is pretty much the only time of year you can go overboard on retro decor and soft pastels, so you might as well do it in style. Break out the twinkle lights and plastic Santa! (via Mollie Makes)

67. Disco Ball Wreath Place Cards: Reindeers, elves, and snowflakes are what you鈥檒l find in stores, and so will everyone else. Make something interesting like these glitzy place-setting wreaths. They also double as tree ornaments so you don鈥檛 have to worry about stashing them away during the season when not in use. (via A Bubbly Life)

68. DIY Colorful Forest: Bottle brush trees are still super popular, and with this tutorial, you can make an entire forest using cuts from previous projects. (via Inspired by Charm)

69. Kate Spade-Inspired Gift Wrapping: Go bananas with your gift wrap this year by mixing and matching all the patterns and colors you鈥檝e ever wanted to try. (via Style Me Pretty)

70. Vintage Car & Tree Marquee: The traditional decor scheme doesn鈥檛 always work if you have a bold aesthetic, but a pink Porsche and marquee tree sure do! (via A Beautiful Mess)

71. DIY Paper Bag Stars: Between your extra craft paper and leftover paper lunch bags from the dollar store, you鈥檙e totally prepped to make Scandi-style stars for your seasonal vignettes. (via Gathering Beauty)

72. Pink Gingerbread Car: Don鈥檛 bother with the little ginger-y village this year. This pink stunner is all you need to decorate a table or sideboard in style during your next party. (via Studio DIY)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)