Now that the formal holidays are behind us, we can move on to the best one of them all: Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the unofficial national holiday during which (almost) every red-blooded American indulges in as many football-themed things as possible (think football-shaped Super Bowl snacks and Super Bowl decorations) in front of TV screens across the country. And the one thing that’s just as about ubiquitous as the Super Bowl itself is the iconic game day party. Whether you’re hosting or attending, check out these 10 essentials for the ultimate Super Bowl party experience.


1. Football Stadium Inflatable Salad Bar ($20): This inflatable salad bar is about as football-themed as it gets. The best part is how portable it is. If you’re attending a Super Bowl party rather than hosting, this is an easy way to add a lot of football spirit to the festivities.


2. Kikkerland Lunchador Bottle Opener ($8): Beer will be flowin’ and nothing kills a good time faster than having to go on an impromptu hunt for a bottle opener. This guy gets the job done and will put a smile on everyone’s face.


3. Craft a Brew Brown Ale Beer Brewing Kit ($45): Skip the store-bought stuff. Super Bowl Sunday is basically a national holiday, so it calls for something extra special, like home-brewed brown ale beer — a cold-weather winner.


4. Freaker Laces Out Freaker Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Once you’ve bottled up your homemade beer, serving it in football cozies is the necessary next step. These guys are especially perfect for tailgating and outdoor parties, since they do a great job of regulating the temp of your fave beverage.


5. American Design Club Coast to Coast Coasters ($32): Wherever your (or your guests’) favorite team is from, they’re represented in these state coasters that’ll keep your pretty furniture watermark free.


6. Freaker NFL Freaker Socks ($20): These socks are the perfect addition to any outfit when simply sporting a jersey just won’t do. Bring the team pride all the way down to your toes with these adorably illustrated socks. Your feet will thank you.


7. Fatty Sundays Chocolate Pretzel DIY Kit ($30): Super Bowl means beer, and beer means pretzels. Put a sweet spin on them with this DIY pretzel kit that’s sure to wow the pants off your guests.


8. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($23): The only bummer about Super Bowl Sunday is, well… that you can expect a hangover to hit on Monday morning. This hangover-preventing cocktail fortifier will make sure you show up to work on time Monday morning, bright-eyed and ready to go.


9. Travel Flask + Shot Glasses ($39): If you’ve crafted a yummy cocktail at home and have to head out to watch the game before you’ve finished, this travel flask and shot glass combo will ensure no cocktail is left behind.


10. Liddabit Sweets Beer and Pretzel Boxed Caramels ($9): These delicious caramels provide another, slightly sweeter way to enjoy the classic football flavors of beer and pretzels. Save them for a post-game dessert or pepper them in with the rest of the food to complement salty finger foods.

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