The holiday season is in full swing, which means that parties are hoppin’ and your workload is outta control. When you finally slip into sweats and slippers, it can be tempting to jump on the net and call your holiday shopping donezo without leaving your living room. After all, making gift buying disappear from your to-do list while cuddled up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate sounds like the ultimate shopping experience, amiright?

While we totally agree that online shopping is a true gem during a time crunch, you might miss out on some serious treasures if you do all of your gifting without ever hitting a store. Keep scrolling for our top five reasons for doing a little of your shopping IRL this holiday season.

couple shopping for christmas gifts

1. Browsing is better at the store. When you’re on the hunt for a seriously perfect gift for your bae or BFFs, taking a stroll through the mall is going to provide much better gift inspo than sifting through 25 open tabs in your browser. Hitting up the shops IRL gives you the opportunity to see items you may not have realized are trending — and you may even run into a great sale!

2. Human contact is good for the holiday heart. It’s easy to buy into the convenience of shopping online, but there’s something to be said for the magic of the season. Sure, you may get to avoid the occasional Scrooge when you shop exclusively behind your computer screen, but you’ll also miss out on the colorful lights and decor, excited kids (and adults), the friendly cashiers and the fellow shoppers who are getting into the holiday spirit, just like you!

3. “Real” shopping can be a social event. When was the last time you invited a friend to hang with you on the couch while you knocked items off your gift list in an intense fit of online shopping? We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the answer is “never.” Make holiday shopping a social activity by scooping up your posse for a fun girls’ day out. Bonus: Your friends can give you a second opinion when you’re buying for that family member who always stumps you, AND you’ll have a chance to hang out together before you go your separate ways for holiday travel.

4. It’s more fun than the gym. If you’re trying to stay in shape during this season of cookies and cocktails, going out to peruse the stores is a great way to log a few extra steps. A little mall-walking or trekking through the parking lot can be a great supplement to your workouts — and you’ll be checking things off your holiday to-do list while you’re workin’ it.

5. You’ll remember to treat yourself! Being out of the house and in stores will remind you to slow down and be a little kind to yourself amid the December hustle and bustle. Maybe your shopping budget will only allow for a cozy seasonal beverage this year, or maybe you can finally splurge on those shoes you’ve been eyeing — either way, you deserve it!

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