Online dating is alive and well! We solved the mystery that Amy Schumer met new beaux Ben Hanish on the dating app Raya. Raya isn’t only for celebs, but it is quite exclusive. To be accepted you need to be involved in a creative industry and have a prominent following on social media – AKA your Instagrams need to be blowing up with likes. So, we’re relieved to hear that Amy was not inundated with a slam of icky messages and photos of intimate anatomy. Nope, she got the guy she wants.

So, who is this guy Ben Hanish?

He’s the founder of a chicago-based furniture design company called The Last Workshop, which produces furniture for home or office that is simply designed and 100% sourced and made in the USA. Ben’s bio on the site reports he previously worked in various wood and fabrication shops, photography studios, design studios and also as a design consultant and has a “refined eye for brand and product development”.

Well, we have a refined eye for a good guy — and we say: Go, Amy!

Ben certainly is easy on our eyes; check out his Instagram feed, featuring lots of candid shots of Ben and Amy, someone’s cute pup and lots of beautiful scenic photography.

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(Photos via @benhanish)