If you need another reason to be jealous of Amy Schumer鈥檚 life, we鈥檝e got some news for you. Aside from becoming Jennifer Lawrence鈥檚 BFF, winning an Emmy Award and becoming the unofficial spokesperson for the modern day lady, Amy now also has a super good looking boyfriend who also happens to be a custom furniture maker.

Amy鈥檚 new beau Ben Hanisch is a maker. That鈥檚 right, he鈥檚 the founder of his own custom-furniture company The Last Workshop. As if that wasn鈥檛 swoon-worthy enough, he also only uses 100 percent US-sourced materials to help the environment. Is this guy a real life version of Sex and the City鈥檚 Aiden or what?!

amy schumer boyfriend

An insider source and college acquaintance of Ben confirmed to us that Ben and Amy met on the dating app Raya. Commonly referred to as the 鈥淭inder for famous people鈥 Raya isn鈥檛 only for celebs, but it is quite exclusive. To be accepted you need to be involved in a creative industry and have a prominent following on social media 鈥 AKA your Instagrams need to be blowing up with likes.

It鈥檚 always a little surprising to see celebs on dating apps (like when we found Hilary Duff on Tinder), but hey, why shouldn鈥檛 they be? During Amy Schumer鈥檚 Comedy Central standup special, she spoke about being on a dating app and how people typically respond. She tells the audience, 鈥淧eople are like, 鈥極h my God, that鈥檚 so fucking sad. And you鈥檙e like, 鈥榊ou鈥檙e right, I should die alone.'鈥

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According to our insider scoop, it looks like Amy Schumer鈥檚 romantic dates are pretty much just as epic as her outings with J. Law. Apparently, the new couple recently were in Nashville together where they rented Ferraris and cruised around.

amy schumer boyfriend 2

All the buzz might be super intimidating to some new couples, but it seems as though Bamy (that鈥檚 the couple name we鈥檙e giving the two) is taking all the attention in stride. Ben shared a photo of the two of them alongside the sweet sentiment, 鈥淪ometimes in life you get extremely lucky and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here鈥檚 to what adventures 2016 brings!鈥

And, of course, Amy responded to the news with some sharp comedic wit. See above. Never change Amy, never change.

Update: New reports circulated on the evening of Wednesday, January 6 that Amy Schumer and Ben Hanish met on dating app Bumble, but Amy was quick to shut down those rumors:

We hear you, girl. (PS: Still looking for our Raya reference鈥)

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