Talk about knowing how to keep a secret! Felicia Day just revealed that she鈥檚 pregnant鈥 and due in three weeks! Wha?! That鈥檚 right, the Supernatural actress and web series creator let fans in on the fact that she鈥檚 very preggo and expecting her little bundle of joy to show up very soon.

Felicia Day

Taking to Twitter to share the big news, 37-year-old Felicia posted a pic of herself with one heck of a bare baby bump, adding the message, 鈥淪he鈥檚 coming in about three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff.鈥 That鈥檚 right, it鈥檚 a girl!

If you鈥檙e curious, Felicia isn鈥檛 married and isn鈥檛 connected with any particular partner, so we鈥檙e not sure if there鈥檚 another parent in the picture or if she鈥檚 going the single mama route. And considering she took this long just to let us in on the fact that she鈥檚 preggo, it probably means we won鈥檛 be getting any further deets until the news of the baby鈥檚 arrival comes.

Either way, we can鈥檛 wait for the little one to show up so we can find out if she inherits Felicia鈥檚 gorgeous red mane.

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(h/t ET; photo via Albert L. Ortega/Getty)