Dealing with smelly, messy, damaging nail polish remover is, by far, the worst part of a DIY manicure. The second you screw off the cap, you’re met with the overpowering smell of chemicals and the fear of spillage. Acetone can majorly dry out your digits and damage carpet or clothing it comes into contact with — so you need to be careful! Even though taking off our polish can be a mess and doesn’t do the health of our nails any favors, it’s just plain necessary sometimes. Thankfully, though, the classic formula got a major, modern upgrade.

After my manicure has lived its best life, I reach for Nail-Aid Spray Away Acetone Spray Remover With Hyaluronic & Collagen ($7) to do the dirty work. The solution still contains chemicals like acetone and ethyl acetate, but it’s much gentler on the nose and offers an easier way to take off your polish than with the smelly, prone-to-spilling pure liquid alternative. Plus, it doesn’t leave your nails dried out and dying for moisture thanks to its souped-up formula containing mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid. For these reasons and more, I’m obsessed AF with it.

While the extra nourishment for my fingers is definitely welcome (shout-out to that non-drying benefit!), the fact that you simply can’t spill this formula is the real differentiator. Yes, I am that person with an unsightly stain on my bedroom carpet from a manicure mishap (read: My cat’s tail knocked over an open bottle of nail polish remover and my flooring will never recover). You spritz the spray-on savior onto a cotton ball before applying.

A clean, remover-free carpet is important, sure, but rest assured that it’s legit when it comes to effectiveness. There’s no need to use your muscles to scrub and rub the color off; a couple light swipes across is all it takes to remove even at-home gel polishes. After your nails are wiped clean, even your cuticles will be treated to a dose of hydration from the hyaluronic and collagen-packed formula, which can help restore moisture after all that acetone.

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