Caudalíe is giving a whole new meaning to the term, “wine lips!” Rather than the fall-ready berry-hued lipstick that was on the pouts of countless celebs last year, the beauty brand is bringing us — get this — lip balm that actually features the same antioxidants found in your favorite adult beverage!

As Refinery 29 reported, its new French Kiss tinted lip balm is chock full of all the polyphenols found in grapes and wines, which help with everything from cardiovascular and brain health to protection against harmful UV rays.

Founder Mathilde Thomas spoke to the outlet to explain, saying, “I always say you consume everything on your lips, which equates to 4kg of lipstick in a lifetime. These balms are super natural and contain polyphenols you can actually eat.” You don’t say!

They also happen to be plenty pretty: Available in a wine color called Addiction (“think the bitten lip effect”), a baby pink shade with a vanilla-orange scent called Innocence, and a peachy-pink hue called Seduction, each one retails for $18 and both moisturizes and protects your pucker.

Thomas also explained the inspiration behind each color. “Innocence is meant to enhance your natural color… [Seduction] has deep vanilla and soft spice notes inspired by my family’s Cabernet [Sauvignon]… [and Addiction] is rich in notes of red berries, which reminded me a lot of a beautiful Merlot,” she said.

Lip balm that’s good for us AND looks like wine? Sold.

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(h/t Refinery 29; photos via Caudalíe)