Personally, we prefer to keep the vino flowing, but there are times when you just have to put a stopper in it and call it a night. For those occasions—few and far between as they may be—pick up one of these wine stoppers that will keep your bottle fresh until you finish it. In the mood for some wine-based recipes? Try our tipsy wine slushies or any of our favorite sangria recipes.

1. Wine Stopper + Carrot ($8): Keep that wine fresh with this carrot stopper. Hop to it!

2. Corkcicle Wine Chiller ($27): Not only does this stopper prevent your wine from spilling, it also chills whites, and roses, and even lighter reds. Just store it in the freezer when not in use.

3. R2-D2 Bottle Stopper ($15): This is the droid you’re looking for. Just so long as you’re looking for droid to keep your vino safe.

4. Ours & Mine Wine Charms and Stopper Set ($10): Remember what you learned in kindergarten about sharing with this stopper and charm set. Thankfully, you won’t have to share your glass.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Muse Bottle Stoppers ($48): If she only drinks white, and he only drinks red, this matching couple bottle stopper set will keep things in order.

6. Jules Point Wine Bottle Stoppers ($35 each): If you like your wine sparkling, you’d better have a bottle stopper to match! We think this bejeweled set is the perfect pick.

7. Sombrero Booze Hat Bottle Stopper ($9): This might actually go better in a bottle of tequila instead of a fine wine. But it should also pair well with a nice South American vintage.

8. Rufus the Dog Bottle Stopper ($13): We can’t blame this pup for going digging in a bottle of vino!

9. Glasses Wine Topper ($10): Glasses are no longer the ultimate hipster accessory. What is? Glasses for your wine bottle, of course!

10. Faceted Walnut Bottle Stopper ($22): No two of these handmade bottle stoppers is the same. We love the geometric lines and natural wood construction.

11. LED Neon Sphere Bottle Stoppers ($15): Light up your next wine tasting with these glowing neon orbs. It’s like drinking wine under the stars, even if it’s only 5 PM.

12. Banana Bottle Stopper ($8): What can we say, this stopper is a-peeling. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

13. Best Year Animal Stoppers ($14): Choose your favorite animal, or start a collection of these subtle stoppers.

14. Bohemian Bottle Stoppers ($39 for 2): These cut glass stoppers, inspired by chandelier crystals, make the perfect wedding gift. You could also have them monogrammed with R and W for red and white wine.

15. Plunge Bottle Stopper ($8): This plunger shaped bottle stopper gave us a laugh. We bet it would deter at least a few people from sharing your wine.

16. Green Chill Cooling Pour Spout ($20): Similar to the Corkcicle, this stopper not only chills your wine but also lets you pour it as well.

17. Stopped Up Bottle Stopper ($10): We’ll bet you want to pull the plug on this bottle stopper.

18. Pop Stopper Bottle Stopper ($11): Shutting the top on this bottle stopper creates a seal to keep your wine fresh, and popping it is just as fun as popping a regular cork.

Which of these bottle stoppers would you buy? Tell us in the comments!