What’s one of the best ways to celebrate summer? If you ask us, it’s with a glass of sangria in hand. First introduced to the United States at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, the punch has been around for centuries. And with all that history (you can read more about it here), come hundreds of variations. From the type of wine, to the different fruits, to any number of liqueurs, the possibilities are endless. We rounded up some of our favorites, plus a handy cheat sheet for creating your own recipe. Salud!

Stone Fruit Sangria

1. Stone-Fruit Sangria: Not only does this sangria have stone fruits floating in it as garnish, it also includes a stone fruit purée to flavor the rosé. (via Bon Appetit)

Spicy Sangria

2. Spicy Sangria: Have you ever heard of spicy sangria? We hadn’t either, but we’re excited to try out this chile pepper version. (via Food Republic)

Sparkling Cherry Sangria

3. Sparkling Cherry Sangria: Champagne and cherries—two of our favorite things—make this bubbly sangria extra special. (via Brit + Co)

Pata Negra Sangria

4. Pata Negra’s Sangria: Adapted from the Spanish restaurant in New York, this is a classic recipe made with dry red wine, an orange liqueur, and garnished with apples and oranges. (via Smitten Kitchen)

Spiced Sangria with Citrus

5. Spiced Sangria with Citrus: The key to this deliciously dark sangria is the spiced syrup made with citrus peels, cloves, star anise, and cinnamon. (via The Kitchy Kitchen)

Mixed Berry Limoncello Sangria

6. Mixed Berry Limoncello Sangria: The bright lemon flavor of this sangria makes it perfectly refreshing for hot summer nights. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

Peach Sangria

7. Peach Sangria: Take advantage of the delicious peaches now in season with this simple recipe. If you want to keep the drink bubbly, add the ginger ale to each glass instead of the pitcher. (via The Shiksa in the Kitchen)

Rose Sangria

8. Rose Sangria: What makes this sangria so pink? The combination of rose wine and pink grapefruit juice. It’s a sweet, tart, and refreshing combination. (via Martha Stewart)

Melon Sangria

9. Summer Melon Sangria: In place of the traditional orange liqueur, this sangria recipe uses Midori to enhance the fresh melon that’s mixed in. (via Redbook Magazine)

Citrus & Pomegranate Sangria

10. Citrus & Pomegranate Sangria: Given all the antioxidants in both the red wine and pomegranate seeds in this sangria, we’re prepared to consider this a health drink. Raise a glass if you’re with us! (via Simple Bites)

Sunset Sangria

11. Sunset Sangria: You might not have thought to combine limes and nectarines, but this sangria recipe blends the flavors beautifully. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

Red Sangria Popsicles

12. Red Sangria Popsicles: Looking for an even more refreshing way to enjoy some sangria? Try these boozy popsicles. We bet they’d also be good as Zipzicles! (via Rosie Eats)

Anatomy of a Sangria Recipe

13. The Anatomy of Sangria: Now if you’re ready to experiment with your own recipe, follow this flow chart to mix and match your favorite flavors and come up with a “house” sangria all your own. (via Wine Enthusiast Magazine)

What’s your favorite sangria recipe? Send us a link!