OMG, are you totally over text lingo? Text messaging has definitely changed the way we talk to each other, and not necessarily in a good way. Yes, emojiis are wonderful, but sometimes you need to say something that just can’t be conveyed with a whole row of pizza slices or even Lisa Frank emojis. Enter Words U, a free iOS app that will make your next text sound like an English professor proofread it. The app was originally designed to help students study for the SAT, but it turned out to be awesome at helping anyone and everyone brush up on their vocabulary.


Once you’ve sent a text, the app automatically replaces certain words in your message with more impressive-sounding synonyms. If you’re worried about sounding overly pretentious, you can switch the text message back to its original wording at the touch of a button. Check out this video to see how the app turns a conversation about getting pizza into a fun way to learn new words.

There are more than 800 words in the free version of the app, which you can collect by using the app more and more. You even get a “word crown” when you collect them all, so texting essentially turns into a game. Whether you’re a parent using technology to help your kids study or just looking for an addictive way to learn some new vocabulary, this app is here to make sure we’re not all communicating with smiley faces and acronyms.

Would you use an app like this to improve your vocabulary? Let us know what you think in the comments below!