Attention all you ’90s-loving ladies, Lisa Frank is about to make her way into your phone. Well, kind of. Maybe. Okay, technically not really. But a girl can dream, right? The clever folks over at Buzzfeed have brilliantly combined two of our favorite things: Lisa Frank illustrations and emojis. Forget Bitmoji, there’s a hair flipping pink kitty here people.

All of the 14 illustrations are pretty much masterpieces, but a couple of our favorites include the pair of dancing bunnies, the “person raising both hands in celebration of unicorns” and the leopard with a kissing face – actually, if we’re being honest we can’t really pick a top three. They’re all a little slice of rainbow heaven.

As of right now these are just a fun mashup Buzzfeed’s Crystal Ro has created, but considering emoji recently announced they are planning to roll out some major additions to the collection sometime in the near future, we think they should seriously consider collaborating with the ’90s icon. Because you know there are days when all you really need is a friend to send you a tiny little picture of a polar bear dancing in a red dress. Click over to Buzzfeed to see the rest!

Which Lisa Frank emoji is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

(Photos via Buzzfeed and Crystal Ro)