New year, you you, new workout hairdo? That鈥檚 what we鈥檙e offering up right here, showing you how to hack the ultimate #yogabun, a stays-in-place style that will get you through oms, reps, miles or whatever else comes your way at the gym. This look only requires one extra step to secure your topknot, so you can spend your pre-workout time gathering your class essentials (Yoga mat + towel, check! Water bottle, check!) and concentrate on your performance instead of fussing with your 鈥榙o. Scroll through to learn the trick to hacking this win-win topknot in under a hot minute, then go get your fitness on!


Step 1: Put your hair up, girl!


Grab an elastic band and snap that sucker in by creating a high ponytail at the top of your head.

Step 2: Loop It


Loop your ponytail around the rubber band. Then loop around again, this time pulling your strand through a hole in your bun.


Step 3: Pin It


Pin that strand that you just placed through your bun against your scalp with a few bobby pins 鈥 this is the trick to making sure your bun doesn鈥檛 sag or become undone while you鈥檙e breaking a sweat. Easy? We told you!


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Hair and Art Direction by Maritza Buelvas
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Modeling by Nicki Pollack

Location Beauty for Bloggers Studio