You’ve Never Done a Top Knot like THIS Before
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You’ve Never Done a Top Knot like THIS Before

So what girl isn’t a little obsessed over the perfect top knot? We certainly are, and we’ve made mastering a chic top knot Holy Grail in our beauty handbook. Here, I’ve designed a no-fail hack for this classic go-to style that’s sure to be a winner with hair novices and pros alike. This quick two-step DIY with an unexpected but crucial step, will guarantee killer messy perfection each and every time — promise!

Here’s our top knot in full bloom… isn’t she gorgeous? And our model, Jess of The Golden Girl blog, is equally adorable (don’t even get me started on her amazing hair)! You’re going to love this style — it’s the ultimate style hack for a rainy, lazy, school or work day (okay, every day).


Put your hair in a high pony and build a braid — literally any one of your choosing. Trust me, creating a fishtail or French braid is super easy when you lift up your ponytail and can see exactly what you’re doing in the mirror. Best of all, your braiding doesn’t have to be perfect. We especially love a fishtail for this bun!

See, your braid is looking fierce in a matter of seconds!


Now here’s the fun part! Wrap your braid around itself to form a bun.

Pin the ends in place and you’ve got a perfectly stacked top knot.

Fluff out sections to create fullness and get your desired shape. Don’t be scared to tug at your braid a bit to form your bun and create extra fullness where you want it.

You got this! Looking adorbs!

A magical wonder from all angles — and done in under five minutes.

Hair by Maritza Buelvas

Makeup by Debra Petrielli

Photography by Cassandra Eldridge

Model Jess Keys

What’s your go-to five-minute hair hack? Tell us in the comments below.