There’s nothing better than a good workout. Your endorphins surge, your stress melts away (at least for a moment) and you feel like a rockstar. However, a bad hairstyle can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite form of exercise. Brushing away the stray hairs in your face during spin class or having to re-do your ponytail while rock climbing is tough. These hairstyles will let you focus more on your downward dogs and less on your downward bangs.


1. Messy Top Knot: Perfect for barre class, this top knot will keep the hair off your face while you’re busting a sweat. (via Brit + Co)


2. Braided Pony: Go for a hike with a reliable and trendy look that’ll keep you focused on scaling new heights. You’ll look gorgeous when you take pictures at the summit. (via Refinery29)


3. Braids for Grown-Out Bangs: Growing out your bangs can be a tricky time to style your hair. With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you can keep your bangs pinned back while running your favorite loop. (via Oh Joy!)


4. Double Buns: This fuss-free hairstyle is made for yoga class. It’s simple, easy and ridiculously cute. (via Elle)


5. Short Hair Scarf Wrap: Short-haired ladies, bookmark this look! A simple scarf wrap keeps your hair off your face when it’s too short for a ponytail. (via Brit + Co)


6. “Bad Blood” Braid: Extreme sports require hairstyles that will stay put. Here’s a look that’ll keep you cool, whether you’re starring in a TSwift music video or you’re off to kayak, surf or mountain bike. (via Brit + Co)


7. Banana Braids: If your braid game is strong or you’ve got a BFF who’s got the skills (call us!), then rockin’ these banana braids seems like a no-brainer. (via @ezimprovedbeauty)


8. Curly Hair Braids: Curly-haired ladies, do not fear braids. As this tutorial shows, curly hair is perfect for creating an adorable style that works well under a helmet and stays still while kicking butt at kickboxing. (via ModCloth)


9. Braids on Braids: Hit the climbing gym with this adorable and easy set of braids. (via Refinery29)


10. Workout Hair: Bobby pins are an active girl’s best friend. They’re also clutch for achieving this pretty and practical hairstyle that will keep you on the go. (via the Beauty Department)


11. French braid into a Ponytail: Combine two classics to create an effortless and effective workout style. Plus this pony-French-braid hybrid is cute enough to wear to brunch after your Sunday morning workout. (via Brit + Co)


12. Half-Up Top Knot: Here’s a top choice for ladies with short hair. Loop your hair in a half-up top knot for a chic and easy look. You’ll never have to worry about pinning back your flyaways. (via Forever 21)

What’s your favorite workout hairstyle? Let us know in the comments!