We know that a mix of cardio and strength training is the fastest way to start seeing the results you’re after in the gym. Between an ultramarathoner’s fall running tips and trainer-approved treadmill workouts, keeping your cardio interesting this time of year should be a no-brainer. But what about the other half of that equation? Sure, there’s plenty of kettlebell workouts to add variety to your weight-room routine, but it’s not always easy to stay satisfied outside of your run, hike or bike ride. We rounded up a complementary workout for every day of the week, so when you’re not crushing it in cardio, you can still break a major sweat.

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1. Abs-, Butt-, and Arms-Tightening Workout: This 25-minute workout is led by celebrity trainer and Wundabar Pilates creator Amy Jordan and promises to have you doing “pilates from the inside out.” The moves may not look complicated but that’s because they’re too busy burning every muscle group they touch. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


2. Core Routine for Runners: The Dozen: The ladies bringing you some of the best running gear in the game have pulled together this super helpful and intuitive core workout, specifically designed to take runners’ workouts to the next level. There’s no voiceover to walk you through each move, but helpful on-screen instructions make it easy to follow. (via Oiselle)


3. 18 Minute Total Body Sculpting Time-Saving Workout: You’ll need two sets of weights, a lighter and heavier option, for this super quick, full-body strength training session. A few cardio moves get you warmed up and ready for the moves that take up the rest of the workout and work to tone your entire body. (via jessicasmithtv)


4. The Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout: When you’ve just crushed a major cardio workout, sometimes you don’t want to spend a ton of time toning. That’s where this three-minute plank exercise comes into play. You’ll get a serious core workout by doing this one move in a ton of different variations for three minutes straight. (via Bowflex)


5. 12 Barre-Inspired Exercises: If the moves are good enough for Taylor Swift’s squad, they’re good enough for me. This quick video will break down 12 classic barre moves focused on tightening your booty so you’ll have more power for your next cardio session. (via Women’s Health)


6. Watch This Treadmill Routine to Tone Your Entire Body: Who says the treadmill is only good for a cardio workout? This four-minute video will walk you through seven toning exercises you can do post-run without ever leaving the treadmill. (SELF Magazine)


7. 30-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout: This full-body workout will have you breaking a serious sweat when its 30 minutes are up. Instead of focusing on one muscle group, you’ll work your entire body, so it can serve as the ultimate alternate to your cardio days. (via BodyFit by Amy)

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