A聽good HIIT workout聽is definitely efficient and聽cardio activities are our jam, but when the routine starts to get a little stale sometimes you gotta mix it up. Insert kettlebells: cast-iron weights complete with a handle made for swing and release movements. This hot piece of equipment is sure to give you an聽incredible聽full-body workout. So grab your kettlebell and fire up your computer; we鈥檝e got killer kettlebell videos for every day of the week.


1.聽20-minute Kettlebell Workout: The ladies over at POPSUGAR sure know how to make us sweat. Follow along with Anna Renderer as she guides you through each move. Bonus: A countdown clock in the upper right-hand corner shows the minutes ticking away to tighter abs.聽(via POPSUGAR Fitness)


2.聽10-minute Kettlebell Workout for an Efficient Total Body Workout: A full-body workout in 10 minutes? C鈥檓on, it takes longer to suck down your first cup of coffee. Amy leads this express workout (don鈥檛 worry, her channel offers a longer version too) that hits on moves for your abs, arms and legs. (via BodyFit by Amy)


3.聽Total Body Kettlebell Workout Routine: Do these six exercises for 20 reps each and you鈥檙e on your way to a stronger physique. Celebrity fitness trainer Ryan Shanahan takes you through each move, making this video perfect for the ladies picking up a kettlebell for the first time. (via Hot Gym-Girl)


4.聽25-Minute Kettlebell Tabata Workout: In this intense tabata kettlebell workout, you鈥檒l do four-minute circuits that consist of eight rounds filled with 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Amy鈥檚 spunky spirit makes her聽our new fave workout buddy. (via BodyFit by Amy)


5.聽Kettlebell Workout for Beginners: Interested in Kettlebells but find yourself thinking more 鈥淲TF鈥 than 鈥測eah, I got this!鈥? Cassey from Blogilates has you covered with her kettlebell workout for beginners. Plus you can substitute a dumbbell before making the investment in a kettlebell. (via Blogilates)


6.聽Bikini Kettlebell Workout: We know it鈥檚 only February. Bikinis are literally the furthest thing from our minds too. But that鈥檚 why we have the girls from Tone It Up to keep us in line. If Karena and Katrina鈥檚 toned abs don鈥檛 keep you motivated, the beautiful beach they鈥檙e working out on will. (via Tone It Up)


7.聽Eight Kettlebell Moves to Tone and Tighten: Fitness instructor Bethany Lyons takes you through eight kettlebell exercises to tone your whole bod in this quick three-minute video. Learn the moves here and add them into your next gym routine. (via Women鈥檚 Health)

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