Ever wish you could know what your canine friend was thinking? Wish he could talk like Doug in Up? Well that technology isn鈥檛 quite available yet, but we鈥檙e getting pretty close, thanks to W脺F, a smart dog collar that helps you engage with and train your dog like never before.

W脺F starts out as a simple GPS tracking collar, but that鈥檚 where the similarities between it and other animal tech ends. It鈥檚 bite-proof, waterproof and shock proof, which any dog owner will know are very much nice-to-haves.


But W脺F also lets you understand and develop a relationship with your dog. For example, you could set up a training game, stop barking or monitor feeding, drinking and healthy habits in your dog. As W脺F learns more about your dog鈥檚 habits, so do you. That means you can improve your doggy鈥檚 lifestyle and help him lead an even healthier and happier life.


Want to see if this is really like a smartphone for your dog? Give to W脺F鈥檚 Kickstarter campaign and you could get the chance to participate in beta testing and see for yourself. A pledge of $100 will get you a collar of your own and help you start learning more about your pet.


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