Dogs are awesome. Dog houses? Ehhh not so much. We’ve already shown some of the most creative DIY options out there, but how ’bout enlisting some actual architects? Architecture for Dogs is a creative new project by the creative director of Muji, Kenya Hara, that’s all about catering to the needs of your pup without sacrificing high design.

Created in collaboration with a collection of the world’s top designers, this project includes 13 structures designed with each designer’s specific dog in mind. A beagle, for instance, gets a house that is both a home and an interactive toy. A dachshund? That breed gets a house with short legs in mind, with ramps designed to alleviate back pain that can be caused by stairs.

Best of all, each house comes with an interactive video AND a downloadable blueprint so that you can create the right one for your dog. Check out all of the houses below!

1. Beagle: Created by MVRDV (Elien Deceuninck and Mick Van Gemert) for a beagle, this house takes the typical house shape and turns it into both a hideaway and interactive toy. The fact that the house responds by rocking gently each time the beagle enters it creates a nice basic communication between the house and the dog.

2. Bichon Frise: A fluffball for a fluffball! :) This is about dog and architecture becoming one. An adorable piece by Kazuyo Sejima.

3. Boston Terrier: By Sou Fujimoto, this architecture is a living space for the dog, as well as furniture and storage for people. Create a garden within the house, and make it an essential part of your interior design.

4. Chihuahua: What?! This is a CLOUD for a chihuahua. It looks a little questionable, but is designed to be both a home and device for walking around with your pup. According to designers Reiser and Umemoto, it’s like a second skin, and aims to speak to the movement, speed, and personality of a chihuahua.

5. Dachshund Smooth: Hey shorty, it’s your birthday! By Atelier Bow-Wow (amazing name!), this is about allowing the little pooch to meet their masters’ eyes.

6. Jack Russell Terrier: Designed by Torafu Architects, this piece recognizes the fact that a Jack Russell is happiest when he’s on his master’s clothes. So, use those clothes to create a stretched sort of hammock. Very cool.

7. Papillon: This one by Shigeru Ban is all about flexibility. The structure can be a bed, a swing, a maze, a chair or a table. And it takes just 30 minutes to make. #timewin

8. Pug: Created by Kengo Kuma, this structure has been dubbed Mount Pug. Amazing.

9. Shiba: Now this is a different take on the mobile home ;) This “doghouse for walks” was conceived by Toyo Ita and is designed for rainy days, or dogs who have aged and can’t quite keep up with the normal pace of a walk.

10. Spitz: The name of this piece? Dog Cooler. Designed for dogs with tons of fur who need to cool down in the summer, the key here is the combination of ice with a highly thermally conductive aluminum pipe.

11. Toy Poodle: This poodle is ready for her close-up! Poodles have been known to react positively to mirrors and benefit from this type of self-awareness, so why not create a permanent spot for this poodle to strut their stuff? This set was created by Konstantin Grcic.

12. Japanese Terrier: This one by Hara Design Institute might be our favorite one, and all you need to make it is one sheet of heavy paper. A house without walls with a float roof, is enough to give this dog the feeling of shelter and he can move around the house wearing it like an oversized hat.

13. Teacup Poodle: And finally, Kenya Hara’s creation for a teacup poodle. Like the dachshund house, this is about bringing this pint-sized poodle to the same eye level as a person.

Which of these houses is your favorite? What do you think of this project? Will you download the plans and create any of these? Talk to us in the comments below.