There aren’t a whole lot of things that can make you LOL IRL like a dog that’s dressed up. If you think dapper dogs are as awwww-dorable as we do, you may want to get your follow button ready. (Drum roll, please.) Here are the 11 most stylish pups on Instagram.

1. @montjiro: This chihuahua has got some very serious style. Every look is better than the last and he loves a human photo op.

2. @mensweardog: This NYC Shibu Inu needs to drop some serious style tips to men everywhere. He can rock basically any look with class, and boy does he know how to model the heck out of some sunnies.

3. @trotterpup: When it comes to getting into costume, Ms. Piggy goes all out. Wigs, shoes, props, you name it! She’ll do whatever it takes to get in character.

4. @digbyvanwinkle: We seriously don’t know who’s cuter: Digby or Aloysius Van Winkle. The good news is, we don’t have to decide. They share the same Instagram account! Seriously, the cuteness never stops.

5. @maya_on_the_move: Maya is a lady after our own hearts. She likes dressing up for every occasion and even wearing parody outfits of our favorite celebs. You’re going to fall in love.

6. @kintai_the_yorkshireterrier: This guy is quite the stud. He loves exploring and modeling his duds. The best part is that he almost always has a smile on his face.

7. @mihonogi: Pino totally nails the natural look with fluffy curls you can’t help but pet (we imagine). But her style is where she really steals our hearts. She really likes to stay festive and fun with her looks.

8. @tunameltsmyheart: Tuna is a seriously distinguished gent and he’s always making the BEST faces. Talk about Blue Steel.

9. @ginny_jrt: Sorry, Wishbone. This Jack Russel has stolen our hearts. Ginny loves good headwear and she’s a lover of naps. Sounds like fate!

10. @ifitwags: The Pointer Brothers are total studs. When they’re not exploring the gorgeous terrain of Vancouver, they’re looking fresh in bowties, hats and sweats.

11. @turkeytemps: In our humble opinion, the style award goes to our famed mascot, Turkey Temple. Can you see how he’s working that metallic on metallic action? Move over, Prince Harry. This is the redhead of our dreams.

Do you follow any stylish (or silly) pooches on the ‘gram? Tell us who to follow in the comments below.