We LOVE our coffee (sorry, Kristen Bell!), and we also just so happen to love art and all its collaborative forms, so it鈥檚 pretty much a given that we鈥檇 be bowled over by 26-year-old Lee Kang Bin鈥榮 latte art creations. But trust us when we say this isn鈥檛 your everyday espresso-based flower design: Bin tackles everything from pop-culture Disney faves to fine art (and basically anything in between that strikes his fancy), and his masterpieces 鈥 yes, masterpieces 鈥 are pretty much a must-see for any coffee fan.

coffee drinker

Bin, who is based in South Korea and owns his own caf茅 called Cafe C, taught himself how to make what he calls his 鈥渃ream art鈥 lattes during his 10 years on the job as a barista. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Bin鈥檚 coffee art has become a huge hit in Seoul 鈥 so much so that he now teaches classes on how to do it.

While you can marvel at all of his creations over on Instagram, we鈥檝e chosen a few faves for your viewing pleasure, including his Disney-inspired Beauty and the Beast rendering鈥

And The Little Mermaid too鈥

There鈥檚 also Aladdin

Alice in Wonderland


and Bambi

And his talents certainly aren鈥檛 limited to Mickey-based options.

There鈥檚 also Harley Quinn鈥

Or Van Gogh鈥檚 鈥淪tarry Night鈥濃

The 鈥淢ona Lisa鈥濃

A scientific take on caffeine鈥


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And gorgeous flowers like you鈥檝e never seen.

There鈥檚 even a little penguin that transforms from coffee art to an IRL plushy!

Now, there鈥檚 just one problem: These just may be too pretty to drink!

Which cup of coffee art is your fave? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Mashable; photo via Sean Gallup/Getty)