Sometimes it feels like the studies on why coffee is good or bad for you are never-ending. Truth is, it never really changes the fact that we need and love our ‘Bucks fix — if even just for their cute cups alone! — every day.

While there are lots of choices for healthy alternatives, not all of them are the most appealing (mushroom tonic, anyone?). Kristen Bell knows the struggle all too well, and while she’s a self-professed coffee lover, she found that her morning cup would often leave her in an energy-sucking slump 30 minutes later. But with a busy career and two young kids (not to mention the decor wars going on at home), she needed something to give her morning a kick — and you might be surprised what she turned to.

“I switched to matcha about a year ago and I love it,” she tells Well + Good. “I use hot flax milk instead of water because tea on an empty stomach makes me feel puke-y. The whole thing feels very ceremonial with the little bowl and whisk.” Your morning coffee really is all about the ritual, isn’t it?

Matcha is a finely ground, high-quality green tea powder, and while we don’t usually think of green tea as a sufficient morning pick-me-up, its health benefits go far further than giving you a natural energy boost — it’s loaded with antioxidants, and is even said to help with weight loss, concentration, memory improvement, and more. Did you know that it’s also in those unicorn-colored Starbucks drinks we’re obsessed with? All the more reason to treat yo’ self!

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(h/t Well + Good; photos via Christopher Polk/Getty, Joshua Trujillo/Starbucks)