If you love your morning jolt as much as we do, you’re sure to enjoy these photos a latte. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) Now that you’ve mastered hot chocolate and checked out the Barista Bot, we’ve got some inspiration for your next beverage challenge, latte art! Grab a biscotti and dig into some truly awesome and edible art.

1. Fish: Who wouldn’t love a cute little fish with their vanilla latte? Also, hello chocolate bubbles. (via Girls on Top )

2. 3D Cat: Making art that spans two cups, now that’s impressive. (via Spoon and Tamago)

3. Sweet Hearts: A few classic hearts never hurt anybody, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. (via HD Wallpaper Collection)

4. Angry Birds: App addiction meet coffee addiction. Sip. Play. Enjoy. (via Cute Food for Kid)

5. The Little Mermaid: Hand-painted foam, it’s a whole new world. (via Mitsueki Loves)

6. City Skyline: Mike Breach makes a pretty mean skyline that spans not two, but three cups. (via Fubiz)

7. The Grinch Latte Art: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Indulge your inner grinch. (via Troskx)

8. Thumbs Up: Keep on keeping on. Everything’s going to a-okay. (via Visual News)

9. Grumpy Cat: This may be the most accurate representation of most of us in the morning… or at least during the work week. (via Acid Cow)

10. Monsters Inc.: Can we all just acknowledge that Mike’s eye is particularly impressive. (via LA Times)

11. Marilyn Monroe: Need a little glam in your day? Look no further than Marilyn. (via Orlando Sentinel)

12. Big Bear: This cuddly fellow comes complete with a video showing how he was made. Perfect for a rainy day and a cozy blanket. (via Saeco )

13. Happy Bunny: Ready to get one? Let’s bounce. (via Yinz Luo)

14. Goofy: Kazuki Yamamoto’s Goofy looks like something you’d find at a swanky Disney bistro in Epcot Paris. (via Create Laboratory)

15. Mulan: Indulge your inner warrior. (via Troskx)

16. Einstein: Genius! (via NPR)

17. Totoro: As if there weren’t enough reasons why we wanted to go to Tokyo, the Ghibli Museum goes and adds another two to the pile. Totoro + Latte = booking tickets immediately. (via Wilson Bilkovich)

18. Giraffe: Gravity defying latte art! We don’t know about you, but we’re rubberneckin’ for sure. (via Visual News)

19. Hugging Bears: Time for a bear hug! (via Me and My Specs)

20. Green Matcha Bear Latte: Matcha lattes make great mediums for latte art too. Just look at this sweet little bear and try to resist saying, “I luvre you too.” (via Little Fat Notebook)

21. Pop-Up Kitty: There is a kitten drowning in our drink, and it’s making us excited. What is wrong with us?! (via Carbonated TV)

22. Social Media Lattes: Social media obsessed much? (via Gadget Review)

23. Two Cats: Kohei Matsuno bridges the great divide… with foam cats! (via Oddity Central )

24. Sakura Kinomoto How-To: Sugi’s cute little Sakura comes with a pretty awesome how-to. All we can say is, good luck. (via Shizounyan)

25. Rachel Ryle’s Stop Motion Latte Art: Give this image a click to see some truly amazing stop-motion latte art. Sure it’s not something you can drink… but hey, we’re flexible. (via Rachel Ryle)

What’s the most impressive latte you’ve come across? Let us know where you found it in the comments!