Here鈥檚 the situation: The holidays are in full swing and you鈥檝e snagged an invite to your friend鈥檚 legendary holiday cocktail party. But there鈥檚 a catch, and the catch is鈥 it鈥檚 winter and it鈥檚 cold and all you really want to do is find a socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public. But sadly, the last time we checked, a belted yard of fleece doesn鈥檛 exactly qualify as appropriate cocktail attire. But fret not, you cozy-loving ladies 鈥 there is hope for you yet. Enter: this outfit Zendaya just wore to the Star Wars premiere.

Zendaya showed up rocking a super snuggly turtleneck dress topped with a heavily bedazzled skirt. While the skirt, earrings and shoes all add a formal touch to the look, the turtleneck brings it back down to the perfect combination of high and low. We鈥檙e thinking J.Crew鈥檚 creative director and style icon Jenna Lyons would be a pretty major fan of this look. What鈥檚 even better is that although she鈥檚 rocking just the right amount of sparkle, all Zendaya鈥檚 feeling is the soft embrace of cashmere (we鈥檙e not entirely certain it鈥檚 cashmere, but we鈥檙e guessing Zendaya wouldn鈥檛 wear anything else).

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(Photos via Jon Kopaloff/Frazer Harrison/Getty)