We know, we know. You get it. We love our daily (more than daily?) cup of joe and can’t get enough of all sorts of coffee innovations. From a disposable french press to a mug with a button that keeps your coffee hot, we’re all about getting our buzz on more efficiently.

And when it comes to gadgets around the home and office, we swoon over all the new ways we’re able to communicate with lights, outlets, clocks, and the like via our smartphones.

That’s why when we read all the buzz (pun intended) about Zipwhip‘s latest texting innovation, our ears perked up.

Zipwhip, a cloud-texting app that syncs your texts across all of your devices, has officially delved into the realm of texting gadgets. At their offices in Seattle, they’ve engineered an espresso machine so smart it can receive text messages.

Employees can send this magical machine a text message with their order, the machine reads the “text” and then gets to work. It grinds the beans and dispenses drinks one by one, placing them on a heated tray for the sender to pick up. To make sure no one gets the wrong cuppa, the machine also etches that last three digits of the sender’s phone number into the white foam. Amazing! Textspresso!!

But let’s come back to what Zipwhip is. Zipwhip is an Android-only app that enables users to send and receive texts from all of their devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They’ve made it so that your texts exist on the cloud in a central hub, rather than on one device.

Coffee machines aren’t officially in their device catalog, but here’s hoping they delve even further into the textspresso market, and perhaps the iPhone realm? We’re more than happy to beta test here at Brit HQ! :)

What do you think of Zipwhip’s tech-savvy espresso machine? Thoughts on the idea of texting your gadgets in general? Talk to us in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.